St. Patrick’s annual fall festival success, Klements win pickup

The annual St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Fall Festival was well received by the community last Sunday, and with the number of homemade recipes that completed the noon meal, it’s no wonder why people lined up for a taste. According to event coordinator, Robert Selvera, “After all the bills are accounted for, we will have probably raised between $10,000-$15,000 through the festival’ which is good. We’re really happy with the outcome. The majority of the money will be donated to charitable organizations which is our way of giving back to the community.” The big ticket item, a 2003 Ford F150 crew cab pick-up, was won by Art and Linda Klement of Brady. Mrs. Klement purchased the winning ticket from her co-worker, Julie Ledezma. “My husband didn’t even know I bought a ticket,” she said. “We talked about it but that was the last I had heard about it,” he said. After being notified of their big win, the couple arrived at Norman Motors in downtown Brady late Tuesday morning to meet with dealership owner Steve Black to claim their prize. A new event added to this year’s festival was the community-wide mass, which along with the festival, was held at the Ed Davenport Civic Center. “For the first time ever, we held mass during the event and most people enjoyed being outside,” Selvera said. “More than likely we will continue to conduct mass prior to the festival from now on. It’s a way of celebrating within the community, not only with Catholics but with the entire community which helps support our annual event. The festival is a community gathering of all faiths, and that’s the way we like to look at it.” Selvera added that not only is the annual fall festival a St. Patrick’s event, but it’s also an event for St. Frances Catholic Church in Melvin. “We usually tend to focus on St. Patrick’s and leave out St. Frances but that congregation is a major contributing factor in the event’s success. Catered by members of the community, the meal was a great success according to event coordinators. Every dish for the festival meal was made of fresh ingredients and from old home recipes. “We began preparing the meal on Thursday,” Selvera said. “This event is not something that just comes together on Sunday. We cooked close to 180 pounds of turkey breast, 200 pounds of German sausage and 24 gallons of green beans and 24 pans of dressing. It was a massive amount of cooking, and people were still coming in asking for plates even after we had sold everything.” “This is an opportunity for us to celebrate with the community. We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us’ not just those who came to eat, but those who came out for the fellowship.”

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