Inmates’ escape attempt short lived

Monday evening at approximately 4:30 p.m. two McCulloch County jail inmates made a feeble attempt at escaping custody. Inmates Aubrey King and Jerry Nichols, both in jail on burglary charges for the same case, were mowing the grass around the jail. The community service officer left them unattended to go to the store and when he came back approximately 15 minutes later, they had left the premises. “We didn’t figure that it was a preplanned escape,” said Sheriff Earl Howell. “It was an unusual time for them to be out on job detail, so we believed they simply made a bad decision. We knew they couldn’t have gone far.” With the help of Brady Police Department, several other deputies and Texas Ranger Matt Andrews, the two persons were located after a tip from a person who saw them near the intersection of North Walnut and West White Streets. Deputy Ty Tully found them hiding in the bushes near that intersection. The two inmates are back in jail with additional charges of attempted escape already filed in McCulloch County Court. “The last time we had individuals try and escape, once they were caught, the ones who did it were sentenced to six years in the state penitentary,” said Sheriff Howell. “They have to earn the right to even be given this type of work detail. When they violate our trust and try and escape, I will do whatever it takes to find them.”

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