Gas rate ordinance passes on first reading; price will nearly double

It was a quick meeting with a lot of praise for the City of Brady Wednesday morning when the city council met for its first monthly meeting. The session began with Mike Trollinger presenting a plaque to the City of Brady on behalf of the Brady Economic Development Corporation. Brady EDC recently received recognition for the award’the 2003 Community Economic Development Award’during the annual meeting of the Texas Economic Development Corporation (TEDC). On behalf of BEDC, Trollinger presented the plaque to the city for the increasing economic development of the community. The City of Brady was nominated to receive the award by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). Trollinger attended the annual TEDC meeting and accepted the award along with Councilman Rey Garza, Lynn Farris who is the current president of the BEDC and Joe Mosier who is the Brady airport manager. “It means a lot to us just to be nominated,” Trollinger stated. “To receive recognition for our community is truly an honor.” Brady City Mayor Clarence Friar complimented Trollinger as well as other BEDC and McCulloch County Industrial Foundation (MCIF) members who continue to devote countless volunteer hours to the future development of the community. “I don’t know what we would do without people like you,” he told Trollinger. “This award is good for Brady, and this town is going places. It makes people take a look at Brady. It’s good, cheap advertisement for the City of Brady. Following the meeting, Trollin-ger told the Brady Standard-Herald, “The bottom line is we are all partners in this (the development of the community). You can’t do it without local, regional, state and federal partners.” Before the city council proceeded with the business items on the agenda, Trollinger reported to the group that the July sales tax receipts were the highest they’ve been since December 1999 for the City of Brady. “We are blessed to have the businesses that we have here in Brady,” he said. “In my opinion, God is blessing us richly with what we see happening in our community.” Through August, the sales tax receipts for the City of Brady are $18,000 ahead of last year’s totals, according to state comptroller reports. In other business, the council approved the first reading of an ordinance amending the gas rates for the City of Brady. City manager Merle Taylor commented that the amendment is required because the city’s existing contract’previously approved for a seven-year fixed rate’is nearing expiration. To break even with the city’s budgeted amount for the fiscal year, the city is committed to pay the Houston ship channel rate (not fixed) plus a $3 operational fee per 1,000 cubic feet (MCF). “We anticipate that the bills will be in the neighborhood of $10 per MCF right now,” said Taylor. “That’s probably a 30-40 percent increase over last year’s MCF. We hope it won’t be that much, but it will be a noticeable increase.” The second and final reading of an ordinance adopting a basic emergency management plan for the City of Brady was approved in Wednesday’s meeting. The City of Brady’s building official/ inspector, Pete McKinney, will serve as the city’s emergency management coordinator under the new plan’authorized by the federal, state and local governments, which outlines the approach to all emergency operations. The hazard summary of the report calls for three different types of problems’natural, technological, and security. The most likely for the City of Brady include drouth, flash flooding, wildfire, hazardous materials/oil spillage (fixed and transport). Occasional occurrences include tornado and major structural fire. Unlikely include earthquake, flooding, subsidence, winter storm, dam failure, energy/fuel shortage, water system failure, civil disorder, enemy military attack and terrorism. The executive group for the City of Brady will provide guidance and direction for emergency management programs and for emergency response and recovery operations. Members of the executive group include the mayor, city council, city manager, and emergency management coordinator. The final ordinance that was approved on its second and last reading was one that amends the 2002-2003 budget for the City of Brady. In the only three action items on the city’s agenda, the council spent much time appointing new and current members to serve on various groups that concern the City of Brady. Up first, the council elected to designate mayor pro-tem Billy Patterson to serve as the city’s general assembly member of the Concho Valley Council of Governments (CVCOG). Previously, the City of Brady was represented by former council member Matt Mills. Mayor Clarence Friar commended Mills for the work and commitment he devoted to the CVCOG while serving on the Brady City Council. Both Friar and other members of the city council expressed their appreciation to Patterson who agreed to represent the city in the CVCOG. In a separate item, three members who serve on the board of directors of the Brady Housing Authority, Grant Evridge, Julie Ledezma and Sherry Cox, were all re- appointed to serve additional terms. Also re-appointed to serve additional terms, Kim King and Glenn Miller were approved in the final action taken Wednesday morning to fill positions on the Brady Economic Development Corporation. In the city manager’s report, Taylor explained that as growth and expansion across the community is on an increase, so are police reports and fire runs. He stated that this could pose a concern for the City of Brady which may need to add additional employees if the cycle continues. “These are ‘growing pains’ that we are going to be facing soon,” he explained. Taylor also noted that troops from Fort Hood are in the area for training purposes and will be seen around town for the next three weeks. An update was given during Taylor’s report as to the condition of Cody Morgan’the city employee who was injured recently on the job. Taylor stated that Morgan is at home and his condition continues to improve; however, additional surgeries to repair his leg will be forthcoming. Under council comments, councilwoman Barbi Jones expressed a few words of praise for the Brady EDC and MCIF but also chose to commend the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce for their continued involvement with the City of Brady and for diligently working to bring new attractions to the community.

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