Planes bring 72 visitors to see Brady Creek work

Sept. 25-28, 1962 Eighteen planes bearing 72 pilots and passengers from the panhandle of Texas came to Brady Wednesday to tour the Brady Creek Watershed project. Soil Conservation, City and County officials rolled out the red carpet for the visitors. Most of the group came from Plainveiw (Hale County), but others represented Lamb, Castro, and Parmer Counties. They are interested in a similar project for the Running Draw Water Shed on the White River, in those counties. Heading the visitors were Flip Calhoun, president of the Soil Conservation District at Plainview, Mayor M. D. Hood of Plainview, and Mayor Major James Jr. of Olton. Several county commissioners, judges and city officials were also in the delegation, including Senator Andy Rogers of Childress, and Democratic Nominee-Elect Rep. Bill Clayton of Spring Branch. Two members of the tour, W. G. Patton and Leon Marks, are SCED supervisors from Clovis, New Mex. Clifford Powell, head of the SCS work unit in Brady, directed the tour, and George Johanson of Eden, a supervisor of the San Saba-Brady Soil Conservation District, was master of ceremonies for the program after a luncheon at the Plateau Restaurant. About 25 Bradyites who acted as hosts on the tour, also attended the luncheon. The flight here was delayed more than an hour due to weather conditions. “It was very foggy when we planned to leave shortly after 9 a.m.,” said Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mitchell. “But we finally left about 10:30 and had good flying.” The first plane landed before 12 noon, and others dropped out of a cloud-laden sky at brief intervals thereafter. *** Navy man loses leg and foot after accident A young McCulloch County Navy airman lost a leg and a foot in an accident Monday aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway in the Far East. Early Wayne Smith, 19, who was born and reared in Brady, but whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams, live on a ranch near Menard, was critically injured while on duty on the flight deck aboard the Midway. He was struck by an arresting pendant cable. Smith’s left leg was severed and amputation of the right foot was necessary. The wildly swinging cable struck him as a carrier plane came in for a landing on the ship’s flight deck. He is in the Navy Hospital at Yokosuha, Japan, and very likely will be flown to a Navy hospital in the United States when his condition improves. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were notified of the accident to their son early this week, and a subsequent telegram from the Navy Department told of his improvement and having been taken off the critical list. Smith was born and reared in Brady and attended Brady High School last in 1959. Before joining the Navy in January 1960, he worked for R. M. Priesmeyer’s Texaco Station, and for McShan & Son Grocery. He is married and the father of a baby son. His wife and son reside at Bakersfield, Calif. He was home last April for a visit with his parents. *** Sweetheart named by Melvin FFA Justine Johnson is the new sweetheart of the Melvin Future Farmers Chapter. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, Justine is very active in school, serving as first vice president of the Future Homemakers, majorette in the drill team, playing basketball, volleyball and tennis. *** Fire Chief to head CD Brady Fire Chief Joe McAnally was appointed this week as Civil Defense director for McCulloch County. He succeeds Joe Ogden, who resigned Monday after 10 years on the job. McAnally will serve by appointment of County Judge Love Kimbrough, Brady Mayor John Rudder and Melvin Mayor Shields Norwood. *** Rural areas topping quotas for United Fund McCulloch County’s rural communities are making quick work of the United Fund campaign. George Purcell, co-chairman of the rural division, expressed his appreciation for the “fine cooperation” he has received. Already over their quota’some are well over the quota’are Fife, Dodge, Fairview, East Sweden, Pear Valley, Placid and Waldrip. “Doole, Stacy and Salt Gap joined together last Saturday night with a program at Doole and raised more than 200 percent of their combined quota,” Purcell said. “Calf Creek is not complete but they will make the quota. Lohn is a little under the quota but has done a good job.” Still at work are Rochelle, Melvin, West Sweden, Voca and Mercury. *** Red & White holding 22nd birthday party Brady’s Red & White Food Store at 700 North Bridge, is celebrating its 22nd birthday. The store is owned by J. W. Stanphill and his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. K.I. (Pete) Knutson. The Stanphills, long time residents of Brady, came here from Coleman back in 1933. The store was established originally one block south of the present location in the building now occupied by Wootan’s Garage. That was back in 1940. The store’s present building was erected in 1946. Knutson was reared at Rochelle and has been with the store since he and his wife were married in 1946. Mrs. Knutson’s brother, Cleburn Stanphill, was a member of the firm also until November, 1960, when he moved to Fredericksburg where he now operates the Country Diner, a cafe popular with Brady residents while in Fredericksburg. Red & White has two other employees: Roger Morin, market assistant, who has been with the store for three years and Johnny Rubio, assistant checker and stocker, with the store five years. *** Officers elected at junior high Class officers were elected Tuesday morning at Brady Junior High School. They are: Eighth grade’Barry Mryick, president; Pat Elliott, vice-president; Joe Marie Gault, secretary. Seventh grade’Michael Pellizzari, president; Peggy Hargrove, vice president, Paul Dabbs, secretary. Sixth grade’ Jeannie Slaughter, president; Douglas Snowden, vice president and Raymond Lafuente, secretary. *** PERSONAL MENTIONS Make home in Big Spring Mr. and Mrs. Pete Tomlinson are making their home at 1518 Sycmore, Apt. B. in Big Spring, where Mr. Tomlinson is associated with Cosden Petroleum Co.

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