Bonetti responds to Lyles’ previous letter

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Lyles’ Letter to the Editor, in response to the term “cry babies” used in reference to our soldiers, I would like to say that name-calling serves no purpose. I subscribe to the Army Times, and according to letters published in that newspaper, enlisted soldiers are not the only ones who disagree with the policies of Bush and Rumsfeld. High-ranking military officials criticize the actions of our government. I thank God I live in a country where people can express their opinions, whether or not I agree with their views. I know what war is all about. My father was killed in WWII when I was five years old. That was a great loss for me. Every single soldier killed leaves grieving family behind. In 1969 my husband was killed in Vietnam. I had two small children at the time, a two- year-old and a six-month-old. Do you think that numbers meant anything to me’ The only number I was aware of that day was one-the one that brought men in dress uniforms to my front door. Both of my children joined the Army later. My daughter spent four years overseas without coming home in between. My son is still in the Army as an infantry Bradley crewman. He spent sixteen years in Germany and came home only twice during that time. He spent his “vacations” in the Gulf in 1991, twice in Bosnia, once in Macedonia, and finally a tour in Kosovo. Last year he returned to Fort Hood to train others for the Bradley. Well that sounded wonderful. My son would be home at last. But our President had other plans for him. Sept. 11 came along and we went to Afghanistan. I agreed with that decision. We later went to Iraq because of elusive weapons of mass destruction. We have yet to find them. Now we’ve decided to turn that country into a democratic society. Does anyone believe that will really happen’ Once Mr. Bush declared the war was over, we started losing even more soldiers. And now I learn my son is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in January 2004. Thank you Mr. Bush! The next time you read the name of a soldier killed over there, remember numbers don’t count. After all we are an Army of one, that one has a family. Thank you, Helga L. Bonetti

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