Council tends to emergency management plan, election

Brady’s City Council, in regular session Wednesday morning, considered the first reading of three ordinances and passed a resolution for the special election to be held Nov. 4. The 25-minute session was presided over by Mayor Pro-Tem Billy Patterson in the absence of Mayor Clarence Friar. The first ordinance, to amend the gas rate, was tabled because the data was not completed. City Secretary Christi McAnally said it would be forthcoming at the next council meeting. The second, the first reading of an ordinance adopting basic emergency management plan for the City of Brady, was read and approved. Pete McKinney, building official and inspector, is the city’s emergency management coordinator. The basic plan, authorized by the federal, state and local governments, outlines the approach to all emergency operations. The hazard summary of the report calls for three different types of problems’natural, technological, and security. The most likely for the City of Brady include drouth, flash flooding, wildfire, Hazmat/oil spillage (fixed and transport). Occasional occurrences include tornado and major structural fire. Unlikely include earthquake, flooding, subsidence, winter storm, dam failure, energy/fuel shortage, water system failure, civil disorder, enemy military attack and terrorism. The local executive group will provide guidance and direction for emergency management programs and for emergency response and recovery operations. Members of the executive group includes the mayor, city council, city manager, and emergency management coordinator. The final ordinance that was approved on the first reading was one that amends the 2002-2003 budget for the City of Brady. The Council also passed a resolution ordering a special election to be held Nov. 4 to authorize the sale of the City’s gas distribution system, And to appoint election clerks, set the rate of pay for election officials and other administration items. In his city manager’s report Merle Taylor said that the Homeland Security staff would meet Friday (today). He also said that an LCRA award to the City of Brady would be presented to Brady’s Economic Development group for finishing second behind Midlothian in a statewide contest. Mike Trollinger, Rey Garza, Joe Mozier and Lynn Ferris, representatives from Brady, will accept the award in Houston on Sept. 25. The City’s Financial Officer, Lisa Remini, reported that overall 2002-2003 budget was decreased by total revenues and expeditures by $2,481,967. The budget’s total for 2002-2003 was $14,700,567. Dick Winters, during comments time, stated that the communication tower on the Winters property just west of G.R. White complex was in dire need of repairs. He also asked the City to provide the public is more information on the sale of the gas distribution system. Patterson, along with Taylor, said more information will be forth coming prior to the election in November.

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