Carlson, Behrens garner 4-H Gold Star awards

The McCulloch County 4-H organization held its annual awards program Sunday and recognized numerous individuals for outstanding leadership and accomplishment over the past year. Five individuals were recognized for the most prestigious award given for the year, the prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze Star awards. These awards are given each year to the top boy and girl in each of the junior, intermediate and senior levels of 4-H. The Gold Star is the top award a senior 4-H member can achieve. This year, Jay Behrens and Wendee Carlson were named as co-recipients. Behrens, the son of Joe and Jacque Behrens of Voca, is a nine-year veteran of the McCulloch club. He is involved in numerous activities and clubs ranging from fashion and food to various animal clubs. He participated at District in the food show, method demonstration, fashion show, livestock judging, livestock shows and is always very competitive in all the events in which he is involved both locally and statewide. He has helped his community by assisting with the Relay for Life, Goat Cook- Off, 4-H Booth and Cake Walk, painting and repairing the Haven, and with community food drives. He has been very successful showing his steers, heifers and swine at major livestock shows, including several placing and champion steers at the majors. This year he had several champions at the county show including the grand champion heifer. Livestock Judging is another key area where Jay excels in at both the district and state level and he is a winner of numerous individual judgings, this year being fourth overall high at district and a member of the district winning team. Carlson is also a nine-year member of the club and is the daughter of Jimmy and Dottie Carlson of Rochelle. Her 4-H activities include the livestock shows, food shows, county, district, and State Round-up in the 4-H fashion show, Share the Fun, consumer judging, photography, method demonstrations, livestock shows (locally and statewide). She also attended District 4-H Council and District Leadership Lab. She is a junior leader for rabbits, swine, foods, clothing, photography and County Camp. She has been active in local food and clothing drives, repairs at the Haven, donating time weekly at the Casa Care After School Program, Relay for Life and Operation Teddy Bear. Her 4-H photography record book placed first at District and fifth at state this year. Her major achievements include having the grand champion rabbit at San Antonio, along with several of her photographs published on the state and international level. Her leadership activities include serving as president of the Brady High School 4-H Club and co-chairman for the McCulloch County 4-H Council for the coming year. Several other awards were presented in the senior classification. The ” I Dare You Leadership Award” was presented to Katie Kidd and Erica Roueche for their efforts in providing a model and example for members of the club and also for the community. The ” Making the Best Better Award” was given to John Willmann while the ” Rookie of the Year” went to Kyle Kastner. The award for Outstanding Teen Leadership was presented to Casey Kidd, Amanda Pellizzarri, TK. Morris and Cody Holubec. The Bronze Star Award is presented each year to outstanding sub-juniors (12 years and under) who have completed two or more years in 4-H and show evidence of personal growth, leadership and community service. Two Bronze Stars were awarded this year to Suzanna Ewert and Tanner McBee. The Silver Star Award is presented to outstanding juniors (13-14 years old) with two or more years of 4-H experience. The award is based on 4-H involvement, personal growth, leadership, and community service. This year, Josh Behrens was named as the Silver Star Award winner. The Farm Bureau Leadership award, presented annually to an intermediate level member was given to Becca Willmann. Each 4-H club member who fulfilled the requirements of their respective club was presented with a program pin. To receive a pin, a detailed record book of their year’s accomplishments must be kept. 4-H Award Program Pin and the club for which the member received the pin are Amanda Pellizzari, rabbit; Wendee Carlson, photography; Katie Kidd, shooting sports; TK Morris, horse; Erica Roueche, beef; Jay Behrens, horticulture; Kyle Kastner, citizenship and civic education; John Willmann, science and technology; Casey Kidd, natural resources; Kristen Owens, foods and nutrition; Suzanna Ewert, rabbit; Courtney Hemphill, goats; Josh Behrens, horticulture; Becca Willmann, foods and nutrition; Tanner McBee, shooting sports. Jackie Dean and Gene Nelson were recognized as Outstanding Adult Leaders while the City of Brady was presented with the award for Friend of 4-H. Individual participation throughout the year include: JUDGING TEAMS’LIVESTOCK JUDGING: Jay Behrens, Katie Kidd, Leslie Ranne, Erica Roueche, Lindsay Brown, Abby Probst, Keely Probst, Roz Roueche WILDLIFE JUDGING: Casey Kidd, Daniel McAnally, Rygh Fullagar, Jace Fincher, Errett Edmiston, Jacob McAnally; HORSE JUDGING: Mikki Fullagar, Rygh Fullagar, Casey Kidd, James Ross, Chance Couvillion, Lindsay Brown, Mollie Fullagar, Jacob McAnally; CONSUMER LIFE SKILLS: Wendee Carlson, Kyle Kastner, Jeffrey Bierman, Lacey Sawyer, Jake Cortez, Suzanna Ewert, Destiny Galindo, Josh Behrens, Larat Lawrence, Roz Roueche. SHOOTING SPORTS: SHOTGUNS: Casey Kidd, Sterling Sammons, Wade Skaggs, Katie Kidd, Luke Sammons, Jace Fincher, Trent Barley, Austin Rice, Tanner McBee; RIFLE: Bodie Landes, Nolan Landes, Daryl Booth, J.P. Williams, Tanner McBee, Taylor Kuback, Bradley Martin; DEMONSTRATIONS: Jay Behrens, Kyle Kastner, Wendee Carlson, Leslie Ranne, Katie Kidd, Casey Kidd, Josh Behrens, Laret Lawrence; SHARE THE FUN: Wendee Carlson, Vanessa Fuentes, Laramie Moore, Wayne Cox, Jake Cortez, Bailey Hirt, Mackenzie Hirt, Courtney Humphreys, Alexis Bedford, Lacey Sawyer, Courtney Hemphill. FASHION SHOW: Katie Kidd, Leslie Ranne, Wendee Carlson, Erica Roueche, Jay Behrens, Lacey Sawyer, Suzanna Ewert, Hanna Gray, Conner Turnell, Courtney Hemphill, Carrie Lundgren, Kristin Owens, Josh Behrens, Chandra Dean; FOOD SHOW: Leslie Ranne, Katie Kidd, Jay Behrens, TK Morris, Carter and Courtney Humphreys, Courtney Hemphill, Destiny Galindo, Lacey Sawyer, Kristin Owens, Becca Willmann, Josh Behrens. STATE 4-H RABBIT SHOW: Amanda Pellizzari and Wendee Carlson; PHOTOGRAPHY: Wendee Carlson, Vanessa Fuentes, Leslie Ranne, Amber Gossett, Amanda Pellizzari, Lacey Sawyer, Carter Humphreys, Courtney Humphreys, Kristin Owens. DISTRICT/STATE CAMPS Bobwhite & Buckskin Brigades’ Casey Kidd, Coleman Hemphill; Leadership Lab : Wendee Carlson, Katie Kidd, Jay Behrens, Erica and Roz Roueche, Kyle Kastner, Josh Behrens, Larat Lawrence, Becca Willmann, J.P. Williams, Cody Holubec, Leslie Ranne, Amber Gossett. 4-H Year Pins 1st YEAR: Alvin Cole, Kwana Cole, Justin Dennis, Summer Elrod, Suzanna Ewert, Allie Kubacak, Kyle Kastner, Bradley Martin, Maggie Mays, Jaysen Owens, Logan Owens, Casey Pace, Michaela Smith and Samatha Springer. 2nd YEAR: Alexis Bedford, Bradley Coffman, Haven Gibbs, Hannah Gray, Courtney Hemphill, Bayle Hirt, Codi Matheny, Martha Jones, Tanner McBee, Colton Moore, Cassidy Murray, Sierra Murray, Kristin Owens, Boden Polk, Mary Ross, Webb Roueche, Will Schumann, Makenzie Schwertner, Skyler Stites, Conner Turnell, Dylan Webb, Kaleigh Webb, Daley Young. 3rd YEAR: Victoria Barksdale, David Cox, Kasey Cox, Courtney Humphreys, Kristen Jacoby, Reece Jacoby, Will Long, Katy Matschek, Casey Patterson, Jessica Patterson, Marshall Salter, Clayton Sammons, and Lacey Sawyer. 4th YEAR: Daryl Booth, Errett Edmiston, Mollie Fullagar, Carter Humphreys, Zach Jones, Jake Long, Laramie Moore & Beth Ross. 5th YEAR: Bryn Allgood, Jerimy Allgood, Dylan Jacoby, Tanner Matschek, Patrick Sammons, & Brandon Sammons. 6th YEAR: Chandra Dean, Jace Fincher, Keely Probst, Roz Roueche, and Myranda Salter. 7th YEAR: Josh Behrens, Michael Cook, Kendra Donaldson, Rygh Fullagar, Destiny Galindo, Holden Jacoby, Erica Roueche, Wade Skaggs, and Hunter Stuart. 8th YEAR: Lindsay Brown, Molly Gage, Monica Griffith, Carrie Lundgren, Abby Probst, Lee Richardson, and Becca Willmann. 9th YEAR: Jay Behrens, Wendee Carlson, Matthew Dean, Adam Jacoby, Erica Paniagua, Amanda Pellizzari and Bo Stuart. 10th YEAR: Katie Kidd. 11th YEAR: John Wilmann. 12th YEAR: TK Morris. 13th YEAR: Cody Holubec, Meagan Schaffner, Leslie Ranne. 14th YEAR: Casey Kidd.

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