An open letter to three major news networks

Dear editor, As a citizen of the greatest nation on earth, the U.S.A., and a veteran of WW II, I feel constrained to express my feelings concerning the obvious bias of the big three news networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. It appears to me that they do not cherish the freedom of speech they so richly enjoy in this great nation in view of the fact that they are seeking to undermine the efforts of the present administration to bring the same freedom to the people of Iraq. This they do by a constant barrage of complaints against the present administration. It’s strange how they are able to go among Hussein’s murderous thugs who cover their fase so as not to be identified, and allow them to spout their threats against the presence of American soldiers, hoping to turn the American people against the peace efforts we are putting forth. Do you think for a minute that we don’t see through their rotten agenda’ They constantly report how many soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq as though we should never have gotten into this effort to free those people from the butcherous dictator who has been oppressing and murdering his own people over the past several years. Where is their love for freedom’ As to the number of soldiers thus far lost in our peacemaking effort in Iraq, have they forgotten that more men were killed in one hour at the Normady beachhead landing than have been killed in the entire war with Iraq’ Was the threat of German oppression an unjust cause’ Was the price we paid in both lives and money worth the cost’ Have they so quickly forgotten how many lives were lost in the 9-11 attack’ The networks seem to delight in reporting the complaints of a few American soldiers who are not getting to go home when they thought they ought to. Some of the soldiers in WWII spent over three years away from their loved ones without complaint because they loved freedom, and wanted to finish the job they were assigned to do. Sure, there were a few ‘crybabies’ back then, but they didn’t get the news coverage that the present day ‘crybabies’ are getting. Be it known we greatly honor the soldiers in Iraq who know they have a job to do, and are willing to stay until the job is finished. May God protect them is our prayer. So what is their slanted news coverage all about’ They are obviously against the present administration, and want to see it replaced with leaders who want to continue the murder of the innocent unborn, while at the same time protecting hardened criminals from the death penalty. They want an administration which upholds the rights of sex perverts to continue spreading the deadly virus of HIV and AIDS throughout the world. They want an administration that kicks God out of the classroom and the courtroom. They want an administration which wants to spend our tax dollars helping women who continue having children out of wedlock, rather than teach them the standard of morality that a made this nation the great nation it is. Frankly, I have a hard time watching their slanted news coverage. I find it hard to believe that any true blooded American can’t see through their anti-American agenda. GENE LYLES, BRADY, TEX.

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