Who’s side are we on, anyway’

Dear Editor: The United Nations is over 50 years old and is probably the most powerful organization ever to exist on this earth. With the UN treaties, resolutions, mandates and otherwise agreements within the organization, the problem with our participation is that we can be outvoted on nearly all key issues. Tearing down our borders so that free trade can be all over the world is not in our best interests. Our Congress is still in charge of the commerce in this nation. They are responsible for maintaining a commerce that should be for the best interests of the people in this country. So I blame Congress for all of the imports from communist and heathen countries. Who are we supporting by buying products from our enemies’ Since the UN is for free trade around the world, this is just one more of the several reasons why we should be out of that wicked organization. We cannot have the sovereign nation that our founding fathers wanted for us and remain in the UN. The UN’s International Criminal Court (ICC) is coming to power for the purpose of arresting individuals in any nation and taking them to an undisclosed location, having a mock trial and sentencing them to be incarcerated in a secret place so that no one would know their whereabouts. If Saddam Hussein is apprehended, what kind of trial will he get from a UN that didn’t want the Iraq invasion in the first place’ Sincerely, JIM HICKS, Clyde, Texas

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