Support Texas Wine Industry vote yes on Proposition 11

Grape and wine production in Texas is increasingly important to the state’s agricultural base and many Texas wines compete for quality with other vintages on an international scale. The future of the Texas wine industry looks good but favorable legislation is essential to its continued growth. Proposition 11 would facilitate wine production by allowing the state legislature to authorize wineries to make, sell and dispense wine in any area of the state, even in dry counties where half of the state’s wineries are located. This proposition lends stability to an industry that has the potential to enhance commerce, employment, and tourism. Twenty years ago the states of Texas and Washington were producing evenly with about 2,500 acres of vineyards. Since then, Washington has passed laws to encourage the industry and its’ 12 wineries have grown to 200 with 29,000 acres under cultivation. The economic impact in Washington is now about $2.5 billion In 1980 Texas had only five vintners. Now there are more than fifty. Texas is the fifth largest producer of wine among the fifty states but Texas still has only 2,500 acres under cultivation. Proposition 11 is a bonafide effort to clarify the ground rules governing a growing Texas industry. Please vote YES. Dianna Gail Offutt, CFE Executive Director Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association

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