I enjoy shopping in Brady very much

Growing up in Rochelle during the Depression, I remember everyone who had stores in Rochelle who were very nice to me. Paul Hadow’s Drug Store was my favorite place. I liked their frosted root beers and 10′ milk shakes. Armor’s Cafe would fix me a scrambled egg sandwich for a dime. A&M Cafe would sell me chili for 10′, too. Miss Ella at Gainer’s store would sell me Justin boots and let me charge them for two months. In high school we met everyday at Alvie Shaffer’s Gulf station for an orange drink and match W.M. to see if we had a dime or nothing. I would consider myself as handicapped today, and 99 percent of the stores in Brady are very nice and understanding of my condition. I especially like Skinny’s, the Shell service station, Chevron, Conoco Wes-T-Go, Town and Country stores, Young’s Jewelry and sometimes Jackie Gartman. The only place I will never go back to is a certain cafe. I am totally surprised how nice some citizens are by holding the door open or letting me get in line ahead of them. The best of these are people I don’t even know, and the best of those are minorities’ black, Hispanics, young boys, old women, and old men. The most rude are the young men. All in all, it is very pleasant. The best one of all when it comes to entering a store is Lamar Leifeste at Wal- Mart. Both the Commercial and Brady National Banks are very helpful, as is the Brady Standard-Herald. I enjoy shopping in Brady very much.

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