Area businesses donate to BMS prize drawing

Brady Middle School held a drawing for various prizes that were donated for the students who returned all of their forms, signed by themselves and their parents, by the due date, Friday, Sept. 5. The winners of the prizes as well as area businesses who donated the prizes are: SYMPHANIE COLE (eighth grade)’ received a TV donated by Wal-Mart. CHELSEA GREENHILL (sixth grade), JEANETTE BARRON (seventh grade) and CRYSTAL KIDD (eighth grade)’each received $50 gift certificates donated by Wal-Mart. ARMANDO CAMPOS (sixth grade), ROBERT BARA and STEPHANIE TAYLOR (seventh grade) and CHARLES BOWEN (eighth grade)’received $7 meal gift certificates donated by Sonic. Brady Middle School would like to thank the businesses who donated prizes for this cause and for their continued support. We would also like to thank the parents who worked so hard to get all the forms rounded up and sent back.

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