Sgt. Huro recipient of prestigious award

Joe Jesse Huro who many know as First Sergeant Huro, has been doing something he loves for 40 years. He has dedicated his life to serving his country in the Texas Army National Guard (TANG). Friends, family and fellow guardsmen attended a reception Sunday afternoon to honor Sgt. Huro for his years of dedication and to recognize his retirement from the guard. Sgt. Huro started his military career in Dec. 1962 when he joined the TANG. he served in every armor crewman position from loader, driver, gunner and tank commander in M-48 Patton tanks to M1A1 Abrams tanks. He served as a tank platoon sergeant from July 1972 through Dec. 1990 when he was assigned as first sergeant of B/3-112th Armor. He was assigned to his final position as first sergeant of C/3-112 Armor in Feb. 1996. He completed all non-commissioned officer schools required for his post as well as the Texas National Guard Combat Leadership course, the senior NCO course and the first sergeant course. Born and raised in Brady, he has dedicated his life to helping his friends, family and community develop to be something in which he can take pride. With a mission of serving his community and his country with honesty and integrity, he is one of the original Brady Jaycees who helped organize the first Championship Goat Cook-Off 30 years ago. He served as a Jaycee for 10 years and also dedicated 16 years of leadership as scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout troop. “I take great pride in what I have done in this community, ” said Huro. “I have always had a special place in my heart for men in uniform and I am proud of being able to have had an influence on many boys and men from this community.” Guardsmen at Sunday’s celebration came from across the state to honor Huro for his dedication. Many of those who attended were recruited by Huro who has personally been credited with being one of the most prolific recruiting forces in the state. In a special awards presentation, Col. Jeffrey Johnson, brigade commander, spoke to the audience and commended Sgt. Huro for his years of dedication and service. “Sgt. Huro has been a driving force with the 3rd Tank Battalion for almost 40 years and the foundation for Charlie Company in Brady,” said Johnson. “He has participated in over 20 gunnery cycles and has mentored many of the officers who went on to hold positions at Brigade Division and State Command levels. “Sgt. Huro has personally recruited more than 100 soldiers into 3rd Tank Battalion and continues to be the most prolific provider of leads in the Battalion. He also added that Sgt. Huro has continued to uphold the high traditions of the Armor NCO by his professionalism, hard work and ‘Armor Attitude’. He has demonstrated professionalism and his leadership and patriotism reflect the greatest credit upon the Texas Army National Guard and the NCO Corp of the United States Army. In an emotional awards presentation, Huro’s commanding officers presented him with the Lone Star Distinguished Service Medal, the second highest state honor to be awarded to a TANG member. Lt. Col Randolph Neal and Sgt. Maj. Paul Callaway also presented Sgt. Huro with a framed resolution read and signed on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives, citing Huro for service to his community and his country. “This retirement is not something that I really want to do,” said Huro. “If I had to do it all over again, I would do everything the same. I have learned a lot from dealing with so many people, and I have tried to do my best to instill pride and integrity in anyone I have been involved with. “I guess now I am going to have a lot more time to devote to my kids and grandkids.”

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