Finding help for small businesses

Dear Editor On Saturday, Sept. 13, Texas voters will have the opportunity to make difference in the biggest crisis facing Texans, a crisis small-business owners have named their number one concern for over a decade’ finding affordable health-care coverage. Voting yes on Proposition 12 would keep medical care affordable and accessible by giving doctors, hospitals and nursing homes much-needed insurance rate relief. It would restore fairness and reason to the judicial system without denying patients access to court remedies. The constitutional amendment would place limits on non- economic damages without impacting economic damages, which cover medical expenses and lost income. Skyrocketing medical liability insurance costs are forcing doctors to cut back or even close their practices, and you and I pay the consequences with limited health-care options and increasing health-care costs. Small-business owners employ more Texans than any other sector of the economy, and it is imperative that we provide affordable health insurance for our selves, our families and our employees. As a small-business owner and NFIB member, I encourage everyone to go to the polls on Saturday, Sept. 13 and vote yes for Proposition 12. Sincerely, Charles ‘Doc’ Anderson, Anderson Veterinary Hospital, Waco, Tex.

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