A political question, or not’

Dear Editor, I would like to know, is it un-American to only want the best for your children, not all American children. What happened to ‘no child left behind’ What type of signal do you send to the people of the state you come from’ When you sign a tax bill that gives money back to working families yet many workers in your home state don’t meet the minimum requirement of yearly income needed to qualify for a tax return check. I thought Texans were the type of people that most Americans thought were real people, you know, down to earth, fair minded. I just hope the decision not to include all working Americans who also pay a payroll tax is not a political one, because it would be sad to hear President Bush wait until election time to suddenly want to give tax checks to all those who missed out the first time around. If you disagree or if you agree on what is going on around you, at the very least, you should give voice, if not for yourself, do it for the future of our children. Things aren’t getting any better. If Texas does not find a way to reinvest in our future, in our schools and in our children, then we will be looked upon as a state with no clout when it comes to getting federal dollars and or policies that might affect our state. President Bush might be the last president that comes from our state’remember his father when his approval rating was astronomical after the first gulf war. When the war was over the reality was, we had some very serious problems at home that probably led to the end of his presidency. The country had economic woes similar to what we have today. We had racial tensions with the infamous Rodney Kind beating, followed by the L.A. riots, not to mention the economic impact that had on California, and, as California economics go, so goes national economic as evidenced by what is going on these days with the economies of both hurting right now. Texas is indeed a large state, but that is mostly by land mass, not population and it wealth is spread over a smaller percentage of its population with the middle class quickly diapering, while the gap between rich and poor is widening. Our politicians, local and state, had better start thinking about all of us Texans, not some of us, because it will take all of us, not some of us, to keep Texas moving into the future, if not, then we will be stuck in the past, and the world will leave us behind. ALVIN COLE, Brady, Tex.

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