Lions Club kept busy with cook-off attractions

Wow! What a weekend! Some of the Brady Lions spent part of Friday afternoon assembling the frame for our baseball speed throw game at the goat cook-off. Others spent time rounding up the prizes for our raffle drawing. Bright and early Saturday morning, the netting was applied to the game frame so we could capture the baseballs that were thrown, and the radar gun and display were readied and tested. The raffle prizes were set out on a table, and we were ready to start. Lots of folks tested their baseball pitching speed, some returning several times to try bettering their previous efforts. Others entered challenges with their friends to see who could throw the fastest. It seems that all day long, we had a steady stream of would-be baseball pitchers trying their hand (and arm) at the speed test. As of this writing, I don’t have the names of the fastest pitchers in each category, but I’ll try to have that for you by next week. In the Brady Lions Club raffle, we had lots of participation, and we really appreciate it. Here are the winners of the raffle: 7th place, 10 bags of deer corn, Deedra Moore of Gatesville; 6th place, Stereo, Brandon Weatherman of Brady; 5th place, axis deer hide, David Carroll of Brownwood; 4th place, battery booster, Mary McBee of Brady; 3rd place, drill, Marie Bryan of San Angelo; 2nd place, Holland Companion Grill, Al Pearson of Brady; and the Grand Prize, Holland Grill, Mike Seidenberger of Brady. Our special appreciation goes out to the local merchants who either allowed us to purchase prizes at their cost, or who donated the prizes outright. They are Brady Butane, Wal-Mart, Damuth Taxidermy, Moore’s Autmotive (NAPA), Higginbotham’s, and Sure Fed Feed. Now, for last Thursday’s regular Brady Lions Club meeting. We were a little short on attendance, but we still had a good program and a good time. Soon-to-be Lion DeLaine Poe, was our speaker, giving us last minute facts and figures about this year’s 30th Annual World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-Off. Other guests were Soon-to-be Lion Steve McCarn and Randall Larr, who will be rejoining the Brady Lions Club. OK, readers. Here’s my standing invitation going out to you once again. The Brady Lions would really like for you to come visit our meetings. See for yourself what fun it can be to band together with other McCulloch County residents to work for the betterment of our local, regional, national and international communities through our ‘We Serve’ projects. Give any one of the local Lions a call, and we’ll be glad to bring you to a meeting as our guest.

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