Library expansion officially dedicated Wednesday afternoon

Exactly one year to the date since the F.M. Richards Memorial Library broke ground on the new expansion project, a library dedication paying tribute to all those who contributed their time, money, sweat and tears was held Wednesday at the library. Close to 100 donors, supporters, city and county representatives and fellow “friends of the library” were on hand to mark the occasion. A sizeable undertaking in terms of dollars, the Richards Memorial Library Association, Inc. was first confronted with a challenge’to raise $90,000 in monetary donations on its own and the G. Rollie White Foundation would match it dollar for dollar. The association was given a time-line to acquire the needed funds and after requesting a one-year extension due to unforeseen circumstances, the $90,000 in required funds was surpassed with $100,000 raised for the project. During Wednesday’s dedication ceremony, Library Association member Sandra Barley said, “We held our ground breaking ceremony on Aug. 27, 2002. One year later, today, we are in our new addition. “It’s taken a lot of donations of a lot of different amounts, but we want to thank everyone who helped make it possible,” she said. Librarian Ann Shuffler acknowledged the hard work of Brady High School teacher David McCarver’s construction trade class which built the book shelves for the new addition. She noted that although the facility looks complete, a few furniture items’those that will make up the lounge area in the new addition’have not yet arrived. “This is not the end,” said Association member Dr. John Stewart. “There is a future here and we’re working to make more things happen. The Library Association continues to look for additional funding. “This is the beginning of something great,” he said. “Let’s make it better.” For more information about the library, contact Shuffler at 597-2617. Donations may be sent to F.M. Richards Memorial Library or the Richards Memorial Library Association, Inc. (c/o Sheryl Ranne), 1106 South Blackburn Street, Brady, Tex. 76826.

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