Get your arm ready to earn bragging rights

Dear Readers. It’s time for me to eat some humble pie. In this column on August 5th, I teasingly criticized the Brady Lions Club’s weekly practice of one member winning the ping-pong ball lottery for a free lunch at the next meeting. I was especially hard on that week’s winner, Lion Tail Twister James Long. My specific gripe was that I had won the free lunch only once, and some had won it many times. I admitted that I was jealous. Well, I got lucky last Thursday, and this week I get to claim my second free lunch. So, I hereby apologize for all but one thing ‘ I still think our Tail Twister is just as mean and ornery as tradition says he’s supposed to be. Hey, you know what this coming weekend is’ It’s cabrito time! This Saturday will be Brady’s own World Championship Barbecue Goat Cookoff and Arts and Crafts Fair. And, in the fair category, the Brady Lions Club will have a game booth where you can challenge your friends to find out who can pitch a baseball the fastest. We’ll be at the east end of Richards Park playground area, near the 6th Street Bridge. Now this is not just a contest among you and your friends. There will be 12 age categories, and you’ll compete against all the other entrants in your age group. At the end of the day, the pitcher who has the fastest ball in his or her category will receive a certificate entitling him or her to all of the appropriate bragging rights. Not only that, but each contestant will receive a small (very small) gift. Oh, yeah. There’s one more not so small thing. At the same booth we’ll still be selling those raffle tickets for seven wonderful prizes. We’re giving away 2 gas grills, a drill/driver kit, a battery booster pack, an axis deer hide, a home stereo system and some deer corn. Definitely most, and possibly all of the prizes will be on display at our booth. The drawing will be held that afternoon at the park, but you don’t have to be present to win. The chances are $2 each, or 3 for $5 or 6 for $10. The more tickets you buy, the better your opportu-nity to win. I guess I’d better mention last Thursday’s Brady Lions Club meeting. We had three guests with us. They were Lion Dr. John Sullivan of Alabama, Brady schools’ new Assistant Superintendent Steve McCarn (who already has an application to become a Lion) and Lion Billy Patterson’s new bride Conise. Our program speaker was Ken Bull, president of the Central Texas Taxpayers Association. Ken spoke to us about the potential impact of the 22 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution which will be on the ballot September 13th. While the CTTA is not a political action committee, and it has not taken an official position on the election, he did share with us what appears to be a consensus of many of their members. Mr. Bull pointed out that if we should vote against a particular proposal, we are not demonstrating a negative opinion. We are merely stating that the Constitution should remain as it already is regarding that subject. The most important thing is that each and every one of us should take the time to learn the significance of each item on the ballot, and make sure that we go to the polls and vote. That’s the only way that our individual opinions can have a bearing on the laws by which we must live and on the rights of individuals to maintain ownership and dominion over their own property. For information on the proposed amendments, check the Voters Guide that has been published by the League of Women Voters, or point your internet browser to www.capitol. You may also contact Ken Bull at 597-1226.

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