Dry summer boosts water and light sales

Sept. 4-7, 1962 Heavy use of water and electricity showed up this month in the City’s receipts’and the customer’s bills. City utility customers were billed for $61,366.08 as of Aug. 20. That compares with $45,998.20 in the same month last year. The figure includes water and light, sewer and garbage charges. The big increase can be attributed to a wet summer last year and a very dry summer in 1962, and to an increase in customers, said City Secretary C. B. Groves. The City now has 2,709 electric customers compared to 2,481 last year. There are 2,296 water meters in use now, as compared to 2,251 last year. The August billings for electricity totaled $34,914’up from $28,425 last year. The water billings totaled $20,199’up from $12,997 last year. * * * City and railroad to trade lake land The City Council Tuesday night authorized the signing of deeds to transfer Brady Lake land between the city and the Santa Fe Railway. The transfer is part of the agreement made in relocating a portion of Santa Fe track at the lake site. The City bought the right of way for the new track and will give it to the railroad. The railroad in turn will deed its old right of way to the City. In other action Tuesday: ‘Service station operator Burl Spence sought relief from a city ordinance which prohibits the delivery of gasoline by transport truck to local service stations. The ordinance, partly because of the fire danger, requires that gasoline be transferred to smaller trucks before it is delivered to the station’s tanks. ‘John Treadgill offered the Council a new 10-year revised contract from TV Enterprises, Ltd. It was referred to City Attorney John William Hughes for study. Under the present contract, which has two years to run, the company pays the City $1.50 per year for each utility pole the company uses in stringing its television cable. ‘Police Chief Dorman Gibbs conferred with the Council about complaints of noise at the Silver Spur drive-in cafe made by nearby property owners. ‘City Supt. James Feazelle reported that a paving contractor was to arrive Wednesday to start work on the City’s summer street paving program. ‘Feazelle told the Council that the Heart O’ Texas Mining Company had asked him when the City wants to move 20,000 yards of sand to Brady Lake. The company has offered to give the sand to the City (to build a beach at the lake), if the City will move it from the company’s plant on the east side of town. The City’s problem now, however, is the cost of hauling it. Feazelle said he had received one bid on the job: $10,000! ‘Receipts at the City’s swimming pool this year climbed to more than $4,000, as of Aug. 28. Receipts at the pool last year were only $2,900. The pool closed Monday night. * * * Brady golfer shootsace at Del Rio meet Brady had a big delegation last weekend at the annual Del Rio Golf Tournament, and one Brady golfer, Ben Davis Geeslin, shot a hole in one. Runner-up in the fourth flight, Geeslin got his ace in the first round on the 150 yard No. 9 hole. D. A. Harkrider won the consolation in the third flight, eliminating another hometown golfer, Jerome Wilkerson, in the consolation finals. George Carrithers won the title in the fifth flight. Brady and Del Rio golfers have been attending each other’s tournaments in sizable numbers over the last few years. Other Bradyites at the Del Rio meet were Mrs. Harkrider, Mrs. Wilkerson, Mrs. Carrithers, Mrs. Geeslin, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harrison, W. T. Archer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Priess, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Winters, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pentecost, Mr. and Mrs. Korky Steffens, Norman Lawler, John William Hughes, Jim Harkrider and Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis. * * * Brady Furniture”loses lease” Lee Adams at the Brady Furniture, 907 South Bridge Street, said Wednesday that they lost their lease on the building. He immediately announced a big sale on the entire stock of new furniture. “All the new furniture and household items, regardless of cost, must be sold within the next few days,” Adams said. * * * Heat hospitalizes freshman gridder Bob Miller, a Brady High freshman, suffered a minor heat stroke about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday while working out with the B football team. He became dizzy after 10 to 15 minutes and was taken to the field house. There he began having trouble breathing and was taken to Brady Hospital. He was released Thursday morning. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Lee Miller. * * * Wheat quotas barely survive McCulloch County wheat farmers, voting last week, approved marketing quotas on the 1963 crop, but by a slim margin. Needing a two-thirds vote to become effective, the issue passed here 43 in favor and 17 opposed. Quotas were okayed nationally, but also by the same narrow margin: 68.4 percent in favor. The issue needed a 66.7 percent favorable vote. The McCulloch County vote: Lohn’13 for; five against Brady’11 for; seven against Melvin’19 for; five against Total’43 for; 17 against. * * * Dunnahoo sets up temporary shop Hulon Dunnahoo, the Brady watch repair man, has temporarily set up shop at his home at 904 Calcutta Street. He will appreciate the patronage of all his old customers as well as new ones. Last May, Mr. Dunnahoo had the misfortune of breaking his hip in a fall. He is slowly recovering and from the advice of his doctor, will be back at his bench at Malone’s Jewelry Store in the near future. The broken hip was really a set back, since for years he has been unable to walk and does his work in a wheel chair. * * * Big generator out, but plant can pull load A 2,500-kilowatt generator at the Brady power plant burned out Tuesday morning, interrupting electric service from 10 to 30 minutes to various sections of town. The unit will be out of service possibly for several weeks until it is repaired, “but we can handle the load, barring further trouble,” said City Supt. James Feazelle. “Those last two engines we bought put us in pretty good shape.” Feazelle explained that a power plant should have enough “stand by power” so that it can still pull the load even when the plant’s biggest unit is out. “It burned out for no reason at all. There was no lightning and no load change,” Feazelle added. Over the period of years, however, the heat burns up the insulation causing the generator to short out. The generator was installed in 1952, although it also burned out in 1956 and has been damaged to lesser degrees on four other occasions. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Selected for program K. K. Steffens has been selected as a featured designer to appear on the program of the Austin Allied Design School when the Texas Florists Association meets Sept. 16 at the El Capri convention site in Austin. He is immediate past vice president of the state organization.

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