BISD enrollment up slightly over last year

Already into the second week of the new school term, Brady Independent School District campus administrators have noticed few complications and report a very successful back to school start. “Things went really well at all of our campuses,” said BISD Supt. Max Gordon. “Our current enrollment is about 1,365 students. That’s slightly up from where we started last year at this time. It’s up a few, but we’re still picking up new students. We’ll probably wait until after the Labor Day holiday to see how firm that enrollment is.” According to Gordon, transportation (drop-offs and pick-ups) at all four campuses has been smooth. “We’re going to continue to monitor that closely and try to make any necessary adjustments if we feel the need to correct any traffic-related problems,” he said. Gordon also noted that this year’s kindergarten numbers at North Ward Elementary School reached a record high. “It’s the largest that it has been in the 20 years since I’ve been here,” said Gordon. At 124 kindergarten students, this year’s enrollment is up 25 students from the largest enrollment ever recorded at BISD. Gordon commented that parents/guardians should be looking for additional information and forms to be sent home with students. One of the forms to be sent home is to encourage parents to sign up for free and reduced lunches if they qualify. This form is particularly important to Brady ISD because it allows the school district to receive additional federal funding. Brady High School also had a smooth transition into the new school year, according to campus principal Liesa Land. “We had a very smooth start at high school,” she said. “Everyone seems really positive and excited, and we’re looking forward to an awesome year.” Mrs. Land reminds students and parents that the first Brady Bulldog football game will be played Friday, and she encourages fans to support the team. With minimal changes at BHS this year, Mrs. Land emphasized that one that will have students departing campus a little earlier for a lunch break. “Our lunch break is at 12:05 p.m., and that’s probably the biggest change this year,” she said. As of Monday afternoon, enrollment at BHS stood at 421; however, Mrs. Land feels confident that those numbers will increase over the next couple of weeks. “Enrollment is up quite a bit at our campus,” she said. “In fact, one of our teachers made the comment that he had never seen the auditorium so full on the first day of school. “We look for more students to enroll after Labor Day. We always have a few show up after the holiday, but we’re always looking for some more.” Brady Middle School Principal Richard Holloway also reported a positive start of school for sixth through eighth grade students. “The first three days of school started off very well,” Holloway said. “We’re still getting used to not having traffic in the middle lane, but I feel that it will work out.” Last year, we used to tie up three lanes of traffic, but now we are leaving the middle lane open. This allows parents to pick up their kids quicker instead of having to wait for people to clear out of the line. It’s now like an express lane for parents to get in and out quicker than before.” Holloway noted that unlike several other districts, enrollment at BMS is slightly down. “The numbers on Wednesday afternoon were 290,” he said. “That’s a little under for us’we’ve been averaging 300-plus students. We’re receiving new students, at least one a day, and we expect that to continue. “I do appreciate the parents’ aid with our new transportation method and also their cooperation in getting their children to school on time. It’s been a great help,” Holloway said. Kelley Hirt, principal at Brady Elementary School said, “Things actually went very smooth. I had some people say, ‘It’s almost like we never stopped.’ “Our students have been very receptive to the changes and have handled the first week of school quite well. We would like to remind everyone to follow the drop-off and pick-up procedures. ‘We want everyone to get home safely and that’s why it’s important that our parents follow those procedures. Everyone received a copy of the procedures to follow,” she said.

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