Volunteers needed for elderly care

Dear Editor, There is an organization, which is sponsored by Center for Life Resources MHMR. It is AmeriCorp VISTA and it is a non-profit organization whose motto is “getting things done!” Their mission in McCulloch County is to assist in finding resources for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged. Frankie Fore Lee is the senior VISTA member for McCulloch County. She works closely with the referrals from Adult Protection Services, the patient discharge planner for the H.O.T. Hospital, the Haven, T.W.C., CTO and any individual needing help. Frankie finds programs that assist with a variety of needs. Her focus at this time is getting “volunteers” to assist with the much needed companion care for the elderly ill that are homebound. Many of us assume that our elderly qualify for Home Health providers, but most of the time, if the discharged patient qualifies, it’s for less than 18 hours a week. Many times, even that isn’t put into place for a number of days and unless the individual has a strong support system, they are alone at the time of their life when they need help the most. The elderly still have the same rights to choose as you and I. They want to stay in their home among their things. Unless their mind is impaired and they are a danger to others or themselves, they have the right to live in their own homes. We and others admire the hard work and dedication of the VISTA member. However, she is just one person. I’d like to ask our community to show their compassion and love for our elderly by contacting Ms. Lee and becoming a companion care volunteer. According to Ms. Lee, “It’s your time to show how much you have to give.” It’s my understanding that it may be as simple as a phone call to check on an individual or welcome them home. McCulloch County has a big heart. Let’s share that heart with our most vulnerable portion of our community. I’d like to urge everyone who feels the way that I do to call MHMR Center for Life Resources at (325) 597-1299 and volunteer to be a part of the VISTA legacy. LYNN SANDOVAL, CIS MHMR, Brady, Tex.

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