Utility rates up because of fuel costs

It’s hotter this summer than last, and as expected the averal residential electric bill has increased as much as 30 percent, according to city officials. ‘City rates have not changed,’ Brady City Manager Merle Taylor said Monday, ‘but costs beyond the City of Brady’s control will cause an increase in the end-user’s electricity bill. ‘Higher fuel costs for the city’s electricity supplier City Public Services of San Antonio, higher public demand for electricity, higher regulatory costs imposed by the state and increased dependency on gas-fired generating units all contribute to the overall increase in the fuel adjustment charge,’ he added. CPS utilizes several means of generating electricity. The cheapest source of electricity is the South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant. This plant had to shut down one unit for repairs in mid-May this year, and it is not scheduled to resume production until late summer. ‘This forces CPS to rely more on natural gas generators,’ explained Taylor. ‘Unfortunately, the cost of natural gas is 60 percent higher than last year due to market conditions. ‘What this means to the average consumer is that you need to be aware of the increase and to focus your attention on conservation to save both energy and money. One way to conserve energy is to turn your thermostat up to 75 or 78 degrees and use ceiling fans to circulate air.’

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