BVFD awarded $108,000 grant for new fire truck

In a special meeting of the Brady Volunteer Fire Department Monday night, members voted to accept a Texas Forest Service grant that will pay up to $108,000 towards the purchase of a new pumper/tanker truck. A routine grant request to the Texas Forest Service by the Brady Fire Department for funds to help purchase a fire truck was met with something unusual. Instead of being approved for the amount requested, the local department was notified last week that it had been approved for a grant more than twice what it had initially asked for. “It’s not often that you get more than what you ask for, but this is something that will really benefit the department and the entire county,” said one department member. “Right now, we are basically down to one reliable pumper/tanker to use throughout the county. This new truck will significantly increase our capabilities.” Originally submitted as a request to purchase a new cab and chassis for one of the trucks the department already owns, the grant approved will provide an entirely new vehicle to replace one of the outdated pumpers in the fleet. To receive the 90/10 grant, the Brady Fire Department must agree to raise the 10 percent plus any difference above and beyond the $108,000 plus the truck must meet certain specifications set by TFS. “We have put in some initial requests for bids on trucks that fit our need and initial estimates are coming in anywhere from $110,000 to $150,000,” said Randy Rankin. “We are still waiting on several other companies to submit bids, but it looks like the department will have to raise a significant amount of money in a very short time to get the truck. “The simple fact is, this is an opportunity that we cannot pass up. Instead of refurbishing an old truck, we will have an entirely new, fully-equipped unit,” he said. The Brady Fire Volunteer Department which works in tandem with the Brady Fire Department has committed to raising whatever funds needed to secure the purchase of the new truck. The purchase of the truck must be completed within one year at which time TFS will reimburse the department for 90 percent of the cost up to $108,000. “With the money we are looking at having to raise, the department is going to begin a fund-raising campaign like we never have before,” said one volunteer. The BVFD is a non profit 501c3 organization.

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