Thieves caught red-handed in northside home burglary

Two adults and one juvenile are in custody after being caught in the middle of burglarizing a home on North Walnut in Brady Saturday morning. The owner of the home, in the process of moving to another residence in Brady, arrived at the house on North Walnut around 11 a.m. and found the three persons inside the home. With the help of friends who had come along to help move, the homeowner chased the individuals from the home and caught the juvenile and held him until police arrived. Officer Mechelle Denton arrived on the scene and took the person into custody. A subsequent investigation and inquiry led Brady officers to the two accomplices of the underaged criminal. Jerry Nichols, 18, and Aubrey King Jr., 18, were arrested in Goldthwaite by Mills County Sheriff’s deputies around 10 p.m. Saturday. They were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of stolen property. “The juvenile gave us names of the accomplicess and when we went looking for them, one lead led to another, and we eventually got them picked up,” said Brady Police Chief Tommy Payne. “Much of the property they had taken has been recovered from where they were staying as well as some from area pawn shops. According to Chief Payne, items stolen from the house included a variety of things ranging from compact discs and DVDs to baseball cards, stereos and guitars. The three had reportedly been frequenting the residence and taking several items at a time and driving those items to another location using an older model Ford Mustang. The juvenile reportedly had just moved to town with his mother and was on probation in San Angelo for similar charges. He is back in San Angelo to face charges against his probation violation. Nichols and Ford are currently in custody in the McCulloch County jail.

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