Mail scam on rise in Brady, police chief warns of scheme

An international mail scam has hit Brady, and fortunately the two individuals targeted were suspicious and reported the activity to authorities. According to Brady Police Chief Tommy Payne, Juanita Huro and her husband, Joe, each received unsolicited letters with hand written addresses postmarked in Spain. Inside were letters stating that the couple had been selected as recipients of prize winnings and approved for large cash awards. The details of the letter asked for the recipient to simply fill out a personal information sheet and fax it back to the international number included. “The Huros were suspicious when two different letters had exactly the same numbers on the forms,” said Chief Payne. “This was an attempt by someone overseas to get enough personal information to allow them to essentially steal a person’s identity. “We have seen this out of places like Nigeria, but this is the first one we have seen from Spain.” The form the con artists requested to be filled out and returned includes detailed requests for name, address, bank account number and routing number and other detailed information. “This is just another attempt by someone to prey on innocent people,” said Payne. “The problem is there are a lot of people out there who would do just what these people asked and give them all of the information they asked for.” Anyone who suspects a scam whether it be by mail, telephone or internet is encouraged to contact the Brady Police Department with the information.

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