LVIA annual meeting scheduled

The 25th annual meeting of the Lohn Valley Improvement Association is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 12 with a pot luck supper at 7 p.m., followed by a business meeting and election of officers. Board members this past year have been Larry Walker, Tommy Smith, Jimmy Marshall, Charlie Avery, Nell Ellis, Kim Short and Nina Solsbery. Larry and Nina will be going off the board; Jimmy and Tommy’s terms have expired, but they are eligible for re-election. The nominating committee consists of Larry, Nina and Peggy Solsbery. Everyone is urged to attend the meeting and support our community . Weddings seem to be in vogue lately. We will have had four marriages of Lohn people with the Aug. 9 wedding of Derrick Bobo and Michelle Allen. The latest nuptials were last Saturday, July 26, when Ronnie Moore and Candy Griffice Lee were married at the Moore Ranch. The ceremony was on top of the mountain and the reception was held at the Moore home. Out of town guests were Candy’s grandmother, Pauline Griffice, parents, Mike and Shirley Griffice, brother Garland Griffice, from Odessa; brother Johnny and wife, Kelly Griffice, from Houston; longtime friend, Ed Ray from Freeport, Malachi and Shelby Moore Boyuls from Austin; also J.D. Griffice and Betty Brown from Brady. Candy’s daughter, Lauren Lee, will be enrolling in school at Lohn. Several generations of her family have gone to school here, beginning with her great- great- grandmother, Vernie Williams, who was in school at Lohn as a young girl when she lived with the John Bissett family in the early 1900s. Vernie and Anna Lohn walked several miles to attend classes in the first school built at Lohn. Lauren’s great-grandfather, Charles Wayne Griffice, would have graduated in 1944 had he not married Pauline Ledbetter and gone into the service. Their sons did not attend school here but their children did’Candy and Johnny graduated from Lohn High. Lauren will be in the third grade. Narvel and Nelda Rogers are extending an invitation to their friends in the Lohn Valley to a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 23 from 2-4 p.m. at the Baker Boulevard Church of Christ in Richland Hills. Narvel and Nelda were married on Aug. 20, 1953, at the Grady and Mary Moore home with just a few friends and family present. To mark their 50 years together, they are hoping to see all their friends, classmates and family at the celebration hosted by Roy and Teresa Smith, Mark and Shari Gomez and Ginger Weeks. Narvel is retired from Bell Helicopter and Nelda is a former teacher having taught at Lohn, Lake Worth and L.D. Bell High Schools. They have lived in Hurst for 47 years and have two grandchildren, Mary and Jonathan Gomez of Bedford. Another Lohn native, Billy Ray Browning, will celebrate his 50th anniversary this month. Billy Ray Browning and Corliene Woodward were married on Aug. 20, 1953. They met in college at Abilene while attending Hardin Simmons University. Bill and Corliene live near Denver, Colo., and have two sons and five grandchildren. A correction on the Chandler-Solsbery shower. The outdoor grill was a gift from the Solsbery family. The hostesses gave the couple eight of their beautiful stemware they had chosen. Rama Huie has been re-working the framed class rolls hanging in the tabernacles after we discovered that some graduates had been omitted and a few were on the rolls who did not graduate, plus names were misspelled. This is no reflection on Diane Reed who originally did such a beautiful job on them. She was using the information given to her. Information on the rolls was obtained in many cases from former students and not everyone agreed on who graduated and who did not graduate. The only two classes that we can be absolutely positive about is 1968 with one graduate, Linda Massey, and 1969 with two graduates, Rebecca Moore and Guy Phillips. The early ’40s are difficult. Rama has been making a list and checking it twice, so if you are nice and know that someone in your class was omitted, please call her at 344-5804 or me at 344-5467. We would like to return these frames to their places in the tabernacle with the assurance that they are correct. Students from LHS in the late sixties will remember Kenneth Hewett who came to Lohn at mid-term in January 1965 as coach and teacher. Mr. Hewett and his wife, Louise, were newly married and Lohn was Mr. Hewett’s first school. Mrs. Hewett wrote that they began their lives together in Lohn, started a family, made many wonderful friends and have beautiful memories of the time spent in this small community. The Hewetts moved to Colorado City in August of 1966 and stayed through the school term to see if Mr. Hewett wanted to continue in coaching or go into administration. He chose administration. They returned to Lohn in 1967, he as principal and coach and worked on his masters at Southwest Texas. They left Lohn in 1969. Mr. Hewett retired last year after 38 years in education, 33 as school administrator. The Hewetts live in Wharton. We hope they will be back in Lohn for Homecoming ’05 or even sooner. Henry Thames died Sunday, Aug. 3 in Big Spring. Henry was the husband of Nell Norwood, 1946 grad from Lohn. Henry and Nell were married for 48 years and had four daughters. Henry and Nell were faithful to attend the 1946 class reunion every year and he always had a great time and took many pictures. He will be greatly missed by his “1946 family.” Nadine Browning’s son-in-law, Dale Young, has been in intensive care in an Amarillo hospital for a week suffering from pneumonia. Our family has been concerned about him as he has not responded well to treatment. The Lohn Eagles Booster Club invites everyone to ‘Meet The Eagles’ and new teachers on Friday evening Aug. 15 at the football field after practice. There will be barbecue sandwiches, chips and ice tea available for a donation. Everyone is urged to come out and enjoy the evening, maybe the heat will have abated a bit. Dorothy Hodges had her sister Lena Olhausen come from Bangs for a weeks visit. Lena, who is 87 years old, has a large garden that requires her attention so she can’t stay away from home too long. Frankie Hodges was down from Lake Brownwood also; Dorothy cooked up a big pot of his favorite lima beans. I have been trying to locate Willis Taylor who lived at Pear Valley, graduated from Lohn in 1937, last known address was Big Spring. Robert Latimer, a classmate, wants to send him a copy of his book, so if anyone has information on Willis please let me know. A reminder to send your recipes for the cook book as soon as possible.

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