Let the miles add up, not the calories, on vacation

The best diet intentions seem to fail when you hit the road. How can you travel without gaining weight’ When you’re on the road, it seems like there’s just one fast food restaurant after another, providing fried, fatty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But nutrition experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas advise that nutritional goals don’t have to be sacrificed during vacations. For nutritious lunches, they recommend hitting the grocery store instead of the burger joint. Whole-grain bread or rolls, low-fat lunch meats and fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased for a picnic. Also, try carrying carrot sticks and cut-up fruit instead of potato chips for car snacks. For people carrying a cooler, they recommend getting a hotel room with a mini refrigerator or locating a convenience store near the hotel. Fatty fried breakfasts found in restaurants can be avoided by packing cold cereal and buying milk and fruit juice along the way. By taking these steps, folks can splurge a little on their evening meal, eating in a nicer place and enjoying a few treats, although the experts recommend avoiding anything battered or deep-fried. There are numerous options available when eating out for those who watch what they eat. Even fast food restaurants have added salads to their menus. But beware. UT Southwestern nutrition experts remind folks that even though something is called a salad, it may still be high in fat and calories. Many fast food salads come with extra toppings like nuts, croutons, cheese, bacon and fatty dressings.

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