This is what being a ‘Lion’ is all about

As much as I hate to give credit to anyone other than myself, I have to paraphrase Lion James Long. Well, maybe I’ll just second his emotion. One of the greatest truths to come from our Lion Tail Twister is that visiting the Texas Lions Camp at Kerrville makes each of us realize just why we are Lions. You have to understand that the camp’s mission is to give physically and mentally challenged youngsters an opportunity to enjoy a camping experience doing the same things that most kids are able to do. You know, things like swimming, horseback riding, archery, camping out, arts and crafts, dining hall food, and making friends with their peers from all over the state. The Texas Lions Camp is very different in another way, too. The campers and their families do not have to pay one single dime to enjoy the experience. It’s paid for by all of the Lions Clubs in the State of Texas and by private donations. It’s one of the most rewarding of our ‘We Serve’ projects. This past Sunday, 15 Brady Lions and six of their family members traveled to Kerrville to prepare and serve the evening meal for over 400 campers and staff. That day started one of two weeks that are devoted to kids with diabetes, many of whom are also sight or hearing impaired, are wheelchair bound, or exhibit other physical challenges. The smiles on the youngsters’ faces are the reward we receive for doing what we do. Now, let’s back up a few days to last Thursday. Twenty-six Lions, one sort-of-guest (my son, Cody) and soon-to-be Lion Archie Harlow enjoyed the lunch and the meeting that was chaired by Lion 1st. V.P. John Roberts. There were three main topics at this meeting. First, Lion Zac Gray announced that he will seek the position of District 2-A1 Vice Governor for the year 2004-2005. Winning that would make him a shoe-in for Governor during the 2005-2006 term. The Brady Lions Club unanimously passed a resolution in support of Lion Zac’s candidacy. Next, Lion Len Westra reported on the raffle that we will hold during the World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-Off on August 30. The tickets are now available from any of the Brady Lions, and at Cross Bar Land Co., James Long Real Estate, Rick Melcer Associates, and the Brady Standard-Herald. At $2 each, 3 for $5 or 6 for $10, you get a chance at winning any of seven prizes. (Count ’em! Seven!) The prizes are listed on the tickets, and they range from a $400 Holland Grill to $50 worth of deer corn. Snap these tickets up fast, folks. There’s only 3,000 of them in print, and they’re going fast. Finally, we got to the program of the day. Brady’s Chief of Police Tommy Payne discussed some of the things that are going on in our local police department, and some of the crimes that are currently under investigation. He told us that the number one problem right now is automobile burglaries. There has been a rash of incidents involving the theft of purses, money and other valuables from cars and trucks. The best way you can protect yourself from this type of crime, is not to let your vehicle be a target. Remove any valuables, and above all lock your car! Don’t leave the keys in the ignition switch, and don’t leave important things in plain sight. Chief Payne also mentioned a couple of programs that he hopes to start soon in Brady. He’s looking into revitalizing the Neighborhood Watch program, and he’d like to start a Citizens’ Police Academy. That doesn’t mean we’ll all be peace officers. But it is an opportunity for us to learn more about what goes on in a police department and what the officers do in the performance of their jobs. Guess who won the free lunch for next week’s meeting. Yep, Lion Liz Allen’s ping-pong ball was drawn ‘ again! How does she do that’

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