Revalue of McCulloch property reaps over $15 million for county

With the recent completion of a mass revaluation of all homes in Brady north of 17th Street, the final taxable value for the entire county has been determined by the McCulloch County tax appraiser. With that valuation comes the final piece of a puzzle that will allow the county commissioners to complete next year’s annual budget. According to Orlando Rubio, chief appraiser for McCulloch County, the recent revaluation for the county was part of an ongoing effort to be in compliance with valuing homes and properties at 100 percent of the market value. “State law requires that we have the books equal to that value and with the most recent revaluation, we are much closer than before,” said Rubio. The taxable value for the county as submitted by Rubio is $268,082,747 which is up $15,020,537 from the year prior. “There are several factors that the overall value for the county has increased,” said Rubio. “From new homes and businesses to the $12 million oil rig at HRI’it all adds up.” With the taxable value of the county complete, the effective tax rate as determined through a table of formulas is .379037 or essentially 38 cents per $100 valuation. County Judge Randy Young received these figures Monday and after plugging them into the appropriate equations, has arrived at what will be the final budget for the upcoming year. “With these figures we received from Rubio, the county will be looking at an actual decrease in the tax rate by one cent,” said Young. “The effective tax rate we will propose to the citizens will be .3904811 or 39 cents per $100 valuation.” The proposed tax rate when applied to the taxable value of the county will generate $1,046,617 for the next fiscal year budget. Last year, the taxable value required a 40 cent tax rate and only generated $997,478. “Essentially, with the numbers as submitted by Rubio, all we have to do is plug each of the commissioners’ numbers into the equation and with a little bit of tweaking, the budget will be ready to go,” said Young. The proposed tax rate by the county includes a budget that contains a three percent salary increase across the board for county employees as well as accounts for several increases in the annual budget. “This situation we are in right now is a little better than we were expecting,” said Young. “Our biggest increases were in the ambulance service and health insurance. We were expecting a 22 percent increase in insurance, and it is looking like it will only amount to roughly a seven percent increase.” Young and the commissioners began working on the final numbers with this information following Monday’s commissioners court meeting. “We will have another budget workshop on Monday at which time we will fine tune the rest of the budget. If all of the commissioners will get with me this week so we can plug in their numbers for their individual precincts, we should be able to come up with the final budget.’

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