Are you driving too fast’ Leave earlier

Some of the news this past week was about older people losing their drivers license because of their age. Many years ago in Rochelle some of the ones I recall who probably should have lost their licenses included Milton Gainer, who was always going too fast. I remember him driving a 1936 Ford. He was always in a hurry. He totaled out the car one time as he came down Sellman Hill. Oscar Scoggin didn’t drive so fast, but he drove in the middle of the road. He always sat in the middle of the front seat. Some teenagers today seem to drive too fast also. My grandson, Garrett Godwin, came to spend a few days when he was about 13. I let him drive on dirt roads. One day he was going too fast, and I told him to slow down. He said, “The speed limit is 70, isn’t it'” I see a lot of people today driving very fast and talking on a cell phone. While going to Brady daily, the cars that pass me are usually from out of state or big trucks. I usually drive about 65. My mother was a good driver, but she always drove too fast. My daddy told her to leave earlier. They didn’t have driver’s education when I was growing up and not over two or three students in school had a car. As a teenager, we did some crazy things in cars. Once I bet another boy a dollar that I could drive to Brady in reverse faster than he could ride there on a bicycle. Other times we would drive at night up to a back of a truck. One person would get on the hood and climb into the truck and hand watermelons back to another standing on the hood. All the time we were going about 50 miles per hour. Another time my daddy had bought some police cars at an auction in Austin. I would drive one 90 to 100 m.p.h. going to Brady. Other times we would be going 75 or 80 and trade out driving without stopping or slowing down. We talk about teenagers today; they are much better and safer drivers than we were. Maybe some of us older drivers should not be allowed to drive, but I hope not. I don’t think I would get many rides hitchhiking like we used to do.

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