Poe completes 4-year training program at Colorado Institute

DeLaine Poe, executive vice president of the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce, graduated from the Institute for Organizational Management in Colorado Springs, Colo. last week after four years of training. The program is a four-year professional development program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and is held each year at Colorado College. For more than 80 years, chambers and associations have used the Institute as a training platform for the professional development of their future leaders. Participants receive training in leadership, chamber and association management competencies and targeted curriculum in membership, technology and financial management. The Institute program offered at Colorado College is one of five Institute programs held each year at U.S. college campuses. Nearly 1,500 individuals attend Institute programs annually. Institute students earn points toward the Certified Chamber Executive or Certified Association Executive. Graduates receive a certificate in organization management. “We learned a lot about legal, staffing and legislative issues that affect chambers across the nation,” said Poe. “The best part of the Institute is that you are in a class with people from all over the United States who have similar problems and scenarios. That group of students has formed a list serve or ‘newsgroup’ to which we can talk to each other or post questions or concerns in order to get input from others chamber directors across the nation.” The Institute brought chamber directors from towns with chamber membership ranging from 100 to more than 3,000 together in one place for a common cause. “We had several opportunities to meet in classes that were basically like a round table discussion,” said Mrs. Poe. “It is interesting to see how towns of varying sizes all have similar problems and concerns. One thing that was encouraging was that there are a number of things other chambers are just now doing that we have done already or are in the process of doing. It was a great learning experience.”

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