Caravan to Kerrville scheduled Sunday

Twenty-two Brady Lions were present for the monthly business meeting last Thursday, as well as three guests. One of those guests, Erich Norton, was installed as the newest ‘big cat.’ The other guests were Lion Erich’s wife Jackie and Lion Keelan Johnson’s business associated Frank Alfaro. One of the decisions made during the meeting was to order an additional 50 patriotic banners immediately so that we can replace virtually all of those that are looking so sad. That means that every business who signs up should have a good looking banner for the Labor Day festivities. Also, if any of you Brady Lions out there have any of the banners stored at your business or home, please get them turned in to Lion Keelan A.S.A.P. Here’s what’s coming up among our ‘We Serve’ projects. This coming Sunday, July 27th, we all meet at the parking lot south of Texas Corral Restaurant to form our motorcade to the Texas Lions Camp at Kerrville. Lion Ron Fible is now managing the Super S Grocery Store at Mason, and we’ll stop there to load up with all of the goodies. (Be sure you bring your ice chests so we can fill them appropriately!) Then we’ll continue our caravan to the camp. Once at the camp, we’ll prepare the evening cookout for about 300 to 400 campers and staff who will be there for one of the weeks dedicated to children with diabetes. This is a great time for all of the local Lions and their families to participate in a truly heartwarming event that’s lots of fun. Hey! Remember the face painting and hair spraying booth that we’ve had at the Goat Cookoff for several years’ Well, we ain’t gonna do dat no more! The new Brady Lions Club venture at this year’s Cookoff will be a Baseball Pitch. You can line up next to your best friend and see who can heave a baseball the fastest. The pitch speed will be measured with a radar gun, much like what is used at major league games. Of course, there will be prizes for the faster and more accurate pitches. Also, we’ll be having another raffle, with the drawing to take place at the Goat Cookoff. This time there will be several prizes. The grand prize will be a Holland Grill. The next prize will be a Companion Holland Grill, and there will be lots of other prizes. Every entry will be eligible for all of the prizes, so if you don’t win the biggie, you’ll still be in the running for other great prizes. Tickets should be available in another week or two. We’ll let you know when. This week’s free lunch winner is Lion Len Westra.

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