Backyard summer wisdom: stay in the spray and stay cool

As the mercury rises this summer, parents are challenged to find creative ways to keep kids cool, while getting them out of the house at the same time. What will families be doing to water down the summer heat’ Here are some fun water ideas parents may want to float. ‘ Turn the backyard into a splash zone with the 22-foot Slip ‘N Slide that comes with an inflatable tunnel that releases a bucket of water when the rider comes through. Thumbs-up water fun all summer long. ‘ Add a twist and a splash to outdoor summer fun with an exciting new game called Splash Tangle. Players roll the inflatable dice as their friends and neighbors dash to splash from one gushing water-filled pad to another in a rush to match the pattern on the dice while trying not to get tangled up. It’s a game where the words “splish-splash” are not out of place. ‘ Getting a wet and wild reception is the game of Hot Potato. Instead of filling up water balloons, players will be filling up a brightly colored soft shell ball called a Splash Pass. Players set the manual timer and pass it along as fast as they can. The last player holding Splash Pass when the timer runs out is in for a maximum drenching. ‘ Let the radical water battle begin as kids defend their corner of the pool or lake with Battle Boogie, a Boogie board with non-stop water squirting action that can blast water up to 20 feet. The water cannon has an automatic water refill system that is specially designed for never-ending fun.

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