San Marcos boy killed in Highway 71 accident

A 17-year-old San Marcos boy was killed Thursday afternoon in a two-car accident on U.S. Hwy. 71 approximately five miles east of Voca. Josh Roberts was pronounced dead at Shannon Medical Center after being airlifted by helicopter from the scene. The accident occurred when Roberts and three other occupants of a 1988 Ford pickup truck began pushing the truck after it had broken down. Roberts and two other people, Richard More, 33, also of San Marcos and James Clanton, 17, of Marble Falls, were pushing the truck from the rear. A fourth man, John Clanton, 52, also of Marble Falls, was pushing the pickup and steering from the driver’s side door. According to Department of Public Safety trooper Kavin Miller, the men were attempting to jumpstart the diesel truck by pushing it when it was struck from behind by a 1991 Toyota van driven by George Chen of Austin. ‘The four men were apparently trying to push start the truck after it had broken down and the driver of the van did not see them in the roadway,’ said Miller. ‘One of the three who was in the back pushing told me that he noticed the van was not slowing down and yelled to get out of the way, but it was too late.’ The van struck the rear of the pickup and crushed Roberts in between the two vehicles leaving him with head injuries and massive leg trauma. The actual cause of death was not known as of press time. According to Miller, the four men had been in an accident that morning in virtually the same location. The men were headed back to their original destination when they stopped to look for a wallet that was lost in the accident that morning. After stopping at the scene of the first accident, the truck failed to start. It was then that they decided to try and jumpstart the truck by pushing it down the road which is when the second accident occurred. The force of the impact shoved the truck into the bar ditch and up against a fence line. The van with the flatbed trailer still attached came to rest in the other lane facing the opposite direction of travel. John Clanton was transported to the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital with reports of leg pain and various cuts and bruises. More and James Clanton received only minor cuts and bruises. Chen was also transported to the Brady hospital complaining of back pain. Fire, rescue and EMS units from Brady and Voca responded to the accident. Two helicopters were notified and both arrived on the scene within minutes of each other. Traffic was delayed for several hours as rescue workers and wreckers cleared the scene. Normal traffic flow was restored at approximately 6 p.m.

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