Council to use Fredericksburg ‘no smoke’ ordinance as model

An item added to the normal audit board meeting of the Brady City Council brought the discussion of smoking ordinances to the table again in Tuesday morning’s meeting. According to City Secretary Christi McAnally, the item was placed on the agenda at the request of Councilman Donald Barley to discuss options and ideas concerning the no smoke ordinance proposed by the council. According to McAnally, some members of the council wanted to use ordinances from other towns such as Fredericksburg to model a no smoke ordinance for Brady. During the meeting, it was the consensus of the council in the discussion to use the Fredericksburg ordinance as written with the necessary changes. That ordinance will then be submitted to the voters for approval in a subsequent election on Sept. 13. The entire ordinance that was suggested is available online at the city of Fredericksburg website ( Fredericksburg passed a no smoke ordinance on Nov. 2, 2002. The issue authorizing the city to sell the gas distribution system will be on that same ballot. The resolution ordering the election will be placed on the July 16 council agenda.

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