Halfway there is the Heart of Texas

Brady serves as the geographical center of Texas. For Art Bennett of San Francisco, Ca., it was the midway point in his quest to bike across the United States. He arrived in Brady on May 9 and stopped at the McCulloch County Courthouse to see a bit of history. A few conversations later, he was paired up with fellow cyclists Bill and Michele Derrick and Jack Turk and the Bradyites welcomed the cross-country rider with open arms. Last week, the Derricks received a Florida postcard with a South Carolina postmark. On the back, Bennett wrote to the Brady trio saying he had completed his nearly 4,000 mile journey. “I had to check out Florida’s Emerald Coast,” wrote Bennett. “Just wanted to thank all of you very much for making me feel welcome in the Heart of Texas. I hope to return the favor in California some fine day.” Bennett, a 43-year-old California native, set out on the trip after a motorcycle accident and months of rehab and recovery left him with a new outlook on life. “He told us that after the accident, he decided he was going to enjoy life a lot more because he began to realize how precious it really was,” said Derrick. “He said that he came up with the idea of riding his bike across the nation and jumping into the Atlantic’so that’s exactly what he did.” According to Derrick, Bennett was averaging 75 miles each day which added up to more than 450 miles per week. “That is a lot of miles,” said Derrick, an experienced duathlete.

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