Grief-stricken pet owner

Dear Editor: About two-and-a-half weeks ago I had a healthy cat that I loved very much. He came home one morning after his nightly prowling with a pretty bad sore on his neck from a fight. The sore got well, but then last Monday he got to where he wasn’t eating much and not drinking water. Within a couple of days he was a very sick cat. I took him to the vet. He suspected Feline AIDS which is a fairly new thing for cats to be getting (I had never heard of it). So, Jingles was tested and found positive. It broke my heart but I had him put to sleep. He had to have gotten AIDS from another cat, so there’s another cat in my neighborhood somewhere that has AIDS and is spreading it to any other cat he fights with. I blame myself because Jingles was overdue on his rabies shot because I never “got around” to taking him in. If I had, he could have been vaccinated then and I would still have him. The purpose of this letter is to beg, plead or whatever it takes: If you love your cat, get him/her in there, tested and vaccinated. Get them neutered or spayed so they won’t be out prowling and fighting other cats. I especially ask those of you who live in my neighborhood in the vicinity of South Street to do this because there is at least one cat out there that has Feline AIDS and may not be sick, just a carrier giving it to other cats around here. I loved my Jingles very much and miss him, but I have already taken his sister in and had her tested today (Negative, thank God!) and started her vaccinations. Please, I urge all you other cat owners to do the same. Thank you, BARBARA HINSHAW, 113 South Street, Brady, Tex.

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