Class of 1946 returns to Lohn

For a few hours each year members of the 1946 class return to Lohn to enjoy the renewing of ties that have bound them together for over 50 years. They have a great time visiting, eating and taking pictures. The attendance was down this year, but those who were able to be here enjoyed the day. Attending this year were John and Billie Jean Nicholas from Menard; Henry and Nell Thames from Big Spring; Mary Roberts and David Mullin from Brownwood; Bob Cochran from Hobbs, N. Mex.; A.C. Snodgrass and Joann Turner from Brady; Hazel McClure and Jarvis Wood from Coleman; Louis and Twila Odle from Kerrville; Minnie Bray from Rockwood; Edna Kasper from Dublin; Clarence and Jane Lohn from Abilene; Ron and Judy Osburne from Montgomery, Al. and Houston and Billie Kennedy from Olden. Houston and Billie are very proud of their granddaughter, Angela Kennedy, who has been named a United States National Award Winner in English by the United States Achievement Academy. This award is a prestigious honor very few students can ever hope to attain. The academy recognizes fewer than 10 percent of all American high school students. Angela attends Eastland High School and was nominated for the award by a teacher at the school. The criteria for the award is based on the student’s academic performance, motivation to learn, attitude and other qualifications. Angela is the daughter of Jim and Meg Kennedy of Eastland. Retirement means having leisure time to enjoy some of the more pleasant things in life, such as cruising down to Mexico for a four-day vacation, which Martha Hemphill did on May 15. She joined a large group of Heart O’ Texas Country Music Association folks for the trip to Cozumel. The first leg of the journey was by bus to Galveston where they embarked on the Carnival ship, the Celebration, for the first day at sea. The passengers enjoyed the entertainment, shows, bingo, talent contest, a deck party, a men’s hairy chest contest and the never ending supply of food, food, food. Arriving at their destination on Saturday morning, they had a bus tour of the colorful 18-mile island and shopping in downtown. Hardy souls went snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming with the dolphins. By 4 p.m. the group was back on board the cool ship for the return voyage to Galveston and the bus back to Brady. This was Martha’s first sea voyage and she enjoyed it very much. Kristi Hemphill Castleberry was honored with a baby shower at the Church of Christ in Junction last Saturday. Martha and Leisa Smith and Melissa Carruthers attended from here. Cynthia Dilliard from Robert Lee was there, also. School has drawn to a close for the 2002-03 term and awards were given out to 26 students for perfect attendance. They went to Wade Allen, Paris Fields, Tori Freeman, Kaleigh Cunningham, Crystal Hernandez, Maverick Taylor, Nat Adams, Jennifer Allen, Andrew Soto, Jeremy Williams, Kaleb Couvillion, Jill Hepburn, Amy Smith, Chelsea Tuley, Myranda Fields, Kevin Reeves, Tommy Fields, Jesse Gruenewald, Destiny Byrd, Zachary Hepburn, Thomas Lohn, Riley McFarland, K.J. Meador, Chance Anderson, Samantha Johnstone, Jana Solsbery and David Hays. All ‘A’ students were Wade Allen, Paris Fields, Cheyenne Riggs, Bryce Short, Tyler Smith, Tori Freeman, Jessica Moore, Jason Bloomer, Mikkie Fullagar, David Hays and Tanya Swenson. Maintaining an ‘A’ average were Michael Hernandez, Eli Adams, Kaeliegh Cunningham, Levi Rodrique, Brandy Davila, Jennifer Allen, Anna Constancia, Chett Hepburn, Alex Salinas, Ashton Goodenberger, Meredith Catching, Zach Hepburn, Jordan Goodenberger, Riley McFarland, Samantha Johnstone and Jana Solsbery. Top students were: Kindergarten’Cheyenne Riggs 94.15; Tyler Smith 95.15; First grade’Torri Freeman 95.07; second grade’Eli Adams 94.22; third grade’Brandy Davila 92.68; fourth grade’Jennifer Allen 92.47; Fifth grade’Mark Bell 89.32; sixth grade’ Chandice Lowe 91.50; seventh grade’Alex Salinas 94.75; eighth grade’ Janie Vela 91.83; ninth grade’ Lauren Layton 91.94; twelfth grade’ Mikki Fullagar 94. 99 and Tanya Swenson 96.45. There are only two people living in Lohn who know J.V. Browning. He was born and reared here, graduated from school in 1937, then went on to spend 50 years in child care mainly at Oklahoma Baptist Childrens Home in Oklahoma City. However, there are several of his peers and numerous family members still around who receive the Brady paper and will be pleased to learn that he, along with the Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, received an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from the Oklahoma Christian College and Seminary in Oklahoma City on May 17. The honor was given to him for his lifelong work in child care. J.V. is 83 years old, recently had a leg amputated and is confined to a wheel chair. He has an indomitable spirit and says the Lord just continues to bless him with family and friends. Sad news out of Arizona this past week. Kittie Phillips Preas lost her husband, Terry, who was killed in an industrial accident on May 28 at Bonita, Ariz. Terry was born in Coleman on October 3, 1952. He and Kittie married in 1971 in Santa Anna. They moved to Willcox, Ariz. in 1973 where Terry farmed for various farmers and started Preas Welding and Construction in 1982 and created a wide variety of Ag-related equipment. He planted most of the apple and fruit trees in the Bonita Valley and built many of the ostrich buildings when the ostrich industry was booming. In 1992 Eurofresh Nurseries came to the valley and Terry was their right-hand man. He constructed metal buildings, was a tank builder, and an artist of metal western art. He was known for his sense of humor, his kind and giving heart and happy spirit. Terry and Kittie have two children, Scott and Rebecca who both live in Tucson. He is also survived by his mother, Luberta Preas of Silver Valley, Texas; two brothers, Cecil of Midland, Don of Fort Worth; two sisters, Irene Gildeon of Rockport, Texas and Brenda Wells of Coleman. A memorial service was held for Terry at the Bonita Elementary School. Preas Welding has a web site that said “I started my own business with $40 and a mad wife”. If his business continues through family or friends, his website slogan will feel even more poignant, ‘We weld anything except the crack of dawn, break of day or a broken heart.’ Kittie had made plans to come to Texas to visit her mother, Lucille Phillips, who is having health problems. Instead Lucille went to Arizona to attend Terry’s memorial service even though she has to have a portable oxygen tank with her. We lost another Lohn High grad with the recent death of Dorothy Marie Martin Crew. Dorothy Marie graduated in the large (for Lohn) class of 1942’30 students. During the early war years some of the boys were entering the service and did not graduate with the class. Dorothy’s death brings the number of deceased members to 13. The 2003-2004 Varsity cheerleaders at Lohn High are seniors Samantha Johnstone and Jana Solsbery, junior Danielle Mendoza, freshman Carrie Smith and alternate freshman Ashton Goodenberger. The junior high cheerleaders are eighth-graders Anna Constancia and Myranda Fields, seventh graders Amy Smith and Chelsea Tuley. Peggy Solsbery is working with the cheerleaders this year and they will be having their annual five-day camp June 16-20 at the tabernacle. My late husband, a WWII vet, told me that a rule of thumb when entering the service was never to volunteer for anything. He based that on the experience of volunteering for K.P. as a new cadet at OCS and ended up doing a whole month of KP. Nevertheless, I volunteered to raise and lower the flag at the park each day and I believe that will work out okay. The flag has been flying continuously and was getting in bad shape, so a few minutes of my time each day will keep the flag flying as it should. Someone mentioned to me how nice it would be to see the flag flying at the Lohn Cemetery where we have so many veterans buried and so it will only take a few more minutes each day to honor those in the cemetery by flying the flag.

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