Miss Heart of Texas to be crowned Saturday night

In conjunction with the upcoming July Jubilee, the annual Miss Heart of Texas Pageant will feature 12 local beauties live and on stage as they compete for the crown Saturday night beginning at 7 p.m. at the Brady High School auditorium. In this year of the pageant, the 64th queen will be crowned before the anticipatory audience. Emcees for the Saturday evening event are Bill and Michele Derrick. Members of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority have been working for the past several days to complete the final preparations for the event. Nightly rehearsals with the contestants as well as decorating the Brady High School Auditorium for the weekend event have been underway since Sunday. “The 12 contestants this year have been amazing young ladies and I am sure that Saturday evening promises to be an enjoyable and entertaining event,” said Jill Mays, pageant chairperson. “We thoroughly appreciate all the parents of the contestants and future queens and escorts as well as all of the businesses and community members who have helped us prepare for this weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone there Saturday night.” Programs for the event complete with photos and bios on each contestant will be sold for $3 and a professional videographer will be selling copies of the pageant for $17.50. The reigning Miss Heart of Texas, Kayce Pollok, and her court Brittany Jackson and Leslie Ranne will be the mistresses of ceremonies For a trip down memory lane, this year pageant coordinators Jill Mays and Holly Stewart have invited all former pageant queens to Saturday’s event. Many of the past queens will be on hand and will be introduced as honored guests. A special display of photos of the past queens has been set up in the display case of the auditorium. Doors at the auditorium will open at 6 p.m. Participants in this year’s pageant are: ‘ Stacy Lohn daughter of Jackie Lohn and Bill Lohn; ‘ Misty Covey daughter of Elizabeth Covey; ‘ Nichole Schwertner daughter of Timothy and Dajana Schwertner; ‘ Samantha Johnstone daughter of Ernie and Kathy Johnstone; ‘ Brooke Young daughter of Brad and Tammy Childs and Allen Young; ‘ Crystal Harmon daughter of Todd and Michelle Harmon; ‘ Megan Griffith daughter of Glenn and Karla Griffith; ‘ Chelsea Rutherford daughter of Rodney and Jo Kelly Rutherford; ‘ Chelsey Bandy daughter of Todd and Lori Bandy; ‘ Jasmine Lafuente daughter of Fernando and Sally Lafuente; ‘ Summer Friar daughter of Roger and Dana Friar; ‘ Jana Solsbery daughter of Nelson and Peggy Solsbery. (See photos of this year’s contestants on page 7 of this issue. Color photos and the traditional cape and crown worn by Miss Heart of Texas are on display in the window of Texas Tumbleweed on the east side of the downtown square.) Queens of the Past 1933 Drusilla Davidson 1934 Doris St. Clair 1935 Charlene Bratton 1936 June Jordan 1937 Vera Tomlinson 1938 Loveta Shuler 1939 Juanita Broad 1940 Blossom Frederick 1941 Juana Lee Whiteman 1942-46 No Queens 1947 Cotton Hillyard 1948 Anna Baker 1949 Judith Deaton 1950 Doris Casstevens 1951 No Queen 1952 Marjorie Harkrider 1953 Virginia Harkrider 1954 No Queen 1955 Kay Bratton 1956 Barbara Bodenhammer 1957 Dee Anna Smith 1958 Sandra Hall 1959 Ann Cates 1960 Anita Young 1961 Linda Bradham 1962 Kathryn Leach 1963 Mary Helen Bratton 1964 Diane King 1965 Linda Harvey 1966 Sheryl Wall 1967 Sandra Brock 1968 Judy Bryson 1969 Sheila Anderson 1970 Suzanne Callihan 1971 Paula Whiteley 1972 Nona Neal 1973 Cynthia Whitworth 1974 Belinda Gutierrez 1975 Cindy Fowler 1976 Beth Bratton 1977 Cathy Neal 1978 Carrie Wood 1979 LeGrace Durham 1980 Media Burns 1981 DeLaine Carlson 1982 Dorinda Richardson 1983 Denise Matthiesen 1984 Camille Carrithers 1985 Jill Todd 1986 Kelly Appleton 1987 Holly Smith 1988 Sandie Young 1989 Charmaine Carrithers 1990 Jennifer Reynolds 1991 Lisa Alastuey 1992 Christy McCarver 1993 Mikey Carlson 1994 Nickie Phillips 1995 Elisa Garcia 1996 Crystal Faulkner 1997 Raegan Martin/Kyla Moseley 1998 Cayce Moore 1999 Lauri Donop 2000 Allison Allen 2001 Jana Partin 2002 Kayce Pollok

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