Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Please consider this as a friendly letter of constructive criticism. I thoroughly enjoy reading the Standard-Herald and have for the past six years. My concern, however, lies in the large number of mistakes and typographical errors I have seen recently in your publication. As a moderately-educated individual, it seems like eliminating most misspelled words should be quite simple via the use of spell check on a computer. I do understand that syntax and some other errors are difficult for computers to catch, but that is what proofreaders are for. I also know that all newspapers contain errors’from the big daily moguls like the Dallas Morning News on down. I know; I see them as well. Please do not take this letter as a means of insulting your intelligence nor as a way of poking fun at you and your employees. I am just wondering if there is a simple explanation’ Your faithful reader, James Stewart Brady, Tex. Dear Mr. Stewart: In response to your concerns, we have begun a campaign just this week to put forth a new effort to eliminate misspellings and typographical errors. We do know that question marks do not belong in the middle of sentences and that ATMs are banking kiosks. (We could argue that the acronym also stands for a more general term of All Terrain Machine.) As for the cause of the errors in our publication, as editor, I will take full responsibility. We do have a system for proofreading our copy prior to its insertion into the paper, but with the rise in the number of mistakes, I believe it is time to revisit that system and revamp it. Thanks for taking the time to send us a quick note. Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated here at the newspaper. Respectfulllly, James Stewartttt, Editor

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