Melvin Church in need of repairs

Dear Editor, I am pastor of the Yegua Creek Evangelical Free Church near Elgin . For many years the Evangelical Free Church in Melvin has had a special place in my heart. In recent days, the church in Melvin has fallen on hard times. The most recent set back was the death of their pastor and his wife due to a car accident. Since their death the church has not held regular services. My wife and I have made a commitment to the church to hold a service on the second Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. If you have an interest in this church, we encourage and invite you to attend this service each month. The church is rich in history and heritage. The church was built around 1914 by a group of Swedish immigrants who settled in the Melvin area. The church is very picturesque and is located at the highest point in the town of Melvin. It is also one of only a few Evangelical Free Churches in the United States that still meets in its original building. Most of the remaining members of the Melvin Church are older and are physically limited in the amount of work they can do. They are in need of volunteers to help with the physical upkeep of the church and property. If you would like to help, please call me at (512) 281-2500. Thanks for your interest in this church. Sincerely, MARK W. NYGARD

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