Little queens, escorts ready for pageant

Twelve future queens and escorts will accompany contestants in this year’s Miss Heart of Texas pageant scheduled for next Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Brady High School auditorium. As is tradition, the contestants will be accompanied by their personally chosen future queen and escort. The contestants and their escorts are: ‘ For Stacy Lohn:Ashlan Bernard, daughter of David and Avery Bernard escorted by Blake Madden, son of Sharla Mullins; ‘ For Misty Covey: Isla Dodds, daughter of Corey and Allison Dodds escorted by Colt McBee, son of Ronnie and Mary McBee; ‘ For Nichole Schwertner: Brynn Stewart, daughter of James and Holly Stewart escorted by Landon Schwertner, son of Patrick Schwertner and Mauri Blankenship; ‘ For Samantha Johnstone: ‘nna Riggs, daughter of Robert and Debbie Riggs escorted by Gavin Rodrigue, son of John and Heather Rodrigue; ‘ For Brooke Young: Jaye Roddie, daughter of Jim Bob and Sterling Roddie escorted by Garrett Schwertner, son of Michael Schwertner and Tori Schwertner; ‘ For Crystal Harmon: Skyler Harmon, daughter of Todd and Michelle Harmon escorted by Ty Sutton, son of Barry and Gloria Sutton; ‘ For Megan Griffith: Hanna Joe Monroe, daughter of Kim Gillespie escorted by Caleb Turnell, son of Gray and Roxanne Turnell; ‘ For Chelsea Rutherford: Taylor Allsup, daughter of Robert and AJ Allsup escorted bu Trace Odneal, son of Kim Tomlinson Odneal; ‘ For Chelsea Bandy: Michaela Bierman, daughter of Eric and Angela Bierman escorted by Clay Vinson, son of Tony and Lisa Vinson; ‘ For Jasmine Lafuente: Julia Mireles, daughter of Eddie and Veronica Mireles Escort: Trey Ledezma, son of Abel Ledezma and Candice Ledezma; ‘ For Summer Friar: Abbey Waite, daughter of Darren and Mikey Waite escorted by Jeremiah Young, son of Allen and Michelle Young; ‘ For Jana Solsbery: Anna McAnelly, daughter of Stan and Bonni McAnelly escorted by Tyler Smith, son of Angelina Smith and Scott Smith.

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