Trailer firm joins Brady Industries at Curtis Field

June 5-8, 1962 Spencer-Stafford Loadcraft, Inc. of Augusta, Kan.’a manufacturer of heavy duty trailers’is joining Brady Industries at Curtis Field. In the beginning the Kansas firm will lease manufacturing space from Brady Industries and will assume the management responsibilities of BI. The change’under negotiation for the last several months’was announced to Brady Industries employes Thursday morning. John C. Moellinger of Augusta, president of Loadcraft, was here Thursday and explained: “Due to our expanding sales, especially in the military field, we were in need of additional space. Brady was chosen from numerous possibilities because of its favorable labor market and existing skills in the area.” He added that Loadcraft officials were impressed with “the type of people and workmanship at Brady Industries and the skills of workmen in the area,” he said, also will enable the company to get government military work that could not be obtained, otherwise. Brady Industries now has about 270 people at work on about $500,000 in contracts. As those are completed, the BI employes go to work on $3 million worth of trailer contracts for Loadcraft. The trailer production will start in September, Moelinger said. Probably there will be no major increase in employment next spring. “And then we hope to buildup the workforce to about 700 over a three year period.” Loadcraft will bring 12 to 15 key people to Brady from Augusta, including L.E. Hundemer who will be vice president and general manager here, and c. Fuller Self, materials manager who is moving here. Moellinger said he himself will spend about half of his time in Brady, as will W. J. Hoffpauir, Loadcraft secretary-treasurer. Jack Smithwick, general manager of Brady Industries, will remain with the organization. Loadcraft will lease about 100,000 square feet of floor space from Brady Industries, or about half of what is available at the Curtis Field plant. “We’re not moving the Augusta plant here; this is just an expansion,” Moellinger emphasized. The Kansas plant has about 100,000 square feet of floor space and does about $4 million annual business. “But we hope to build the Brady plant into $7 million a year.” The Brady move was announced jointly by Moellinger and John Threadgill, president of Brady Industries. Threadgill, BI treasurer, T. P. Wood and directors Frank Corder and Leo Oates “were instrumental in inviting us here and spent a lot of time on it,” Moellinger said. * * * Brady lawyer introduced to Supreme Court Lt. V. M. (Murray) Jordan of Brady has been admitted to practice before the supreme Court of the United States. He and Mrs. Jordan, the former Sherron Smith, were in Washington Monday for the ceremony. Motion for admission at 10 a.m. June 4 was made in open court by O.C. Fisher of San Angelo, congressman from the 21st District of Texas. After swearing-in ceremonies, refreshments were served and Lt. Jordan had the privilege of meeting and talking to each justice of the court. Admission to practice before the Supreme Court entitles Lt. Jordan to all the rights and privileges attached thereto. He has also made application to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas. While in Washington, Lt. and Mrs. Jordan attended a session of Congress and went on a tour of the White House Tuesday. Lt. Jordan is in the Navy Air Force’s legal department, stationed at Pensacola, Fla. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Jordan of Brady. His wife, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith, has been teaching homemaking at Melino Junior High School near Pensacola. * * * Stock feeding program lists prize winners Thirteen winners in the Commercial Feeding Program were announced this week after the final records were graded. Ten-dollar gift certificates will go to the first place winners, $5 certificates to the second-place winners and $3 certificates for third place. The program is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to give McCulloch County 4-H and FFA youngsters practical experience in commercial livestock feeding operations. An educational trip in the spring for all contestants is a major highlight of the program. Here are this year’s winners: Lambs on pasture 1. Michael Whitworth, Doole 4-H 2. Deryl Beakley, Rochelle 4-H 3. Larry Peel, Melvin FFA Lambs on feed 1. Donnie Killgore, Rochelle FFA Calves on pasture 1. Tommy Penn, Rochelle FFA 2. Jimmy Martin, Lohn 4-H 3. Wayne Johnson, Brady 4-H Calves on feed 1. Larry Adams, Rochelle FFA 2. Robert Shurtleff, Brady FFA 3. Joe Gale Johanson, Rochelle FFA Hogs 1. Curtis Kidd, Rochelle 4-H 2. Frank Teague, Brady FFA 3. Edwin Clevenger, Brady FFA * * * City sells more bonds to continue lake work The City Council voted to sell an additional $80,000 in water works bonds to the Farmers Home Administration to continue construction of Brady Lake. The $80,000 brings the total number of bonds issued for the lake so far to $840,000’out of the original bond issue of $1,485,000. In other action: ‘A petition to annex 3.5 acres’ the Plateau Motel property on South Bridge Street’into the city limits was approved. The actual annexation will be done later by ordinance. ‘Dr. G. H. Ricks was reappointed as city health officer for the new fiscal year beginning in July. ‘J. J. Seals, Wesley Leach and Jim McFarlin were appointed as the City’s board of equalization to work on this year’s tax rolls. ‘The City tax rate was set at $1 per $100 valuation, the same as in years past. ‘The Council voted to pay Lake Coordinator John Sloane for two-weeks vacation. He submitted his resignation May 19 to become effective June 2. ‘A half ton pickup truck was purchased on a bid of $1,632 from Norman Motors, and a two-ton dump truck was purchased from Shuffield and Townsend on a trade in bid of $3,400.42. ‘The Council voted to advertise for bids on a new patrol car for the police department.

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