Nancy Lane opens shop, ‘Right Down my Alley’

Nancy Lane said it was an epiphany that she opened her shop on South Bridge Street last Saturday. “Right Down My Alley” became a reality last week in the old Wilson Jordan home in the 1100 block of South Bridge Street. “My husband, Richard, and I have spirtual lives that are very important to the opening of this shop,” she explained Wednesday afternoon while seated on a stool in the colorfully- decorated house interior. Mrs. Lane moved to the Heart of Texas in 1997 after spending her entire life in Houston and the Dallas area. “I’m a city girl who comes from a long line of creative people. I took up arts and crafts at an early age. I won my first art contest in the sixth grade, so arts and crafts have been a part of me all of my life,” she said. Nancy’s grandmother began painting when she was 70. She died at age 100. When she left Plano for Mason six years ago she came alone, with her three sons’Greg, 39; Shannon, 35; and Steve, 33’remaining in the Metroplex. She met Richard, a Brady optometrist, shortly after moving to Mason, and they married that year. They built and moved into to a rural home just south of Brady several years ago. “The concept of my shop is a gallery to encourage artists of all kinds to sell their wares on consignment. I’m not selling booths, only selling their arts by the piece,” she explained. The items in the shop include doilies that cost between $5 and $8 to fine art paintings that will bring over $700. “My first consignee was Frank Roddie, a well-known local painter. I also have stained glass from another local artist, Jack Whitworth,” Mrs. Lane said. These arts, along with decorative pieces like candle cottages, Depression glass and antique microscopes, are also available. She also has embroidery and crochet and numeous other handcrafted items. “I also have a turn-of-the-century phonograph with records,” she proclaimed. Not only does she feature arts and crafts, she will begin a workshop on creative painting and miniature treasure keepers in July. Karen McWilliams, a Brady ISD schoolteacher, is currently conducting a once-a-week class for 10 children who have an interest in art. She is teaching them to draw. “These kids have indicated to their parents that they are interested in art, so Karen is fulfilling their dreams this summer,” the shop owner said. Another phase that Mrs. Lane is excited about is that retired airline pilot Bill Finley of Brady has put two paintings up for sale, the proceeds of which will go to Russian missions. Also, the sale of painted eggs that he has fashioned will go to the Romanian children. The Lanes purchased the 80-year-old home in February from Kay Porter. It previously had been the location of The Steak House. “Fernando Nandin supervised the remodeling and Richard and I gave it the finishing touches,” she said. Nancy has a number of hand-painted items around the shop including one on the front steps. A closed garage in the back serves as a working studio. The storm Tuesday night ripped down a pair of china- berry trees but did not damage the structure. The proprietor said that she will keep the public posted on upcoming workshops and classes through this newspaper. Shop hours will be Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. She’ll also be open on Sunday afternoons.

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