9-year-old girl hurt in bike-car accident

Nine-year-old Tristan (Trista) Day was seriously injured in an automobile accident Friday afternoon when her bicycle on which she was riding was struck by a late model Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Jo Anne Moreno. She is the daughter of TaRell Day of Brady and Brad Day of San Angelo. The vehicle was headed northbound along South China Street when the bicyclist approached westbound on West Sixth Street, near the Boy Scout Lodge, and failed to yield to the oncoming traffic. She was airlifted by helicopter to Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo shortly after the accident. “I understand that Trista is doing better,” said Brady Police Chief Tommy Payne in an interview with the Brady Standard-Herald Monday afternoon. “We need to remind everyone that school is out now and kids are on the streets. Motorists need to be aware of children on bicycles, and parents need to ensure that their children wear safety helmets.” According to a family friend, DeLaine Poe, Trista woke from a coma Monday morning and has responded to three separate commands. She suffered a broken arm and possibly a broken ankle and also sustained swelling around the brain. “Everything looks good now,” said Mrs. Poe. “She’ll have to undergo anywhere from six to 10 months of rehabilitation and will probably spend the next three weeks in the hospital.” A nine-year-old student at Brady Elementary School, Trista will advance to the third grade next year. In addition to her bone fractures, Trista’s spleen and one of her kidneys were completely severed, according to early reports. “They aren’t planning to perform surgery due to her age,” said Mrs. Poe, “and because the doctors anticipate they will heal on their own.” “She’s very lucky. In just three days, to recover so quickly is wonderful. All of the prayer chains around town are really appreciated and make all the difference.” As of Monday afternoon, Trista was still in intensive care, however, doctors anticipate that she will be moved into a pediatric room as her condition continues to improve. Editor’s Note: The following Letter to the Editor pertains to Friday’s accident and was submitted for publication in the Brady Standard-Herald by Cindy Willmann. Dear Emmaus Community, Please pray for Tristan Day. I came up on the accident which she was involved in Friday. Not knowing who she was, I tried to help. I first called “911” and then started administering the first steps of CPR’checking for consciousness, a pulse, checking for a breath and then tilting her head back to clear the passageway. At this time, luckily, she started gurgling. Her eyes were rolled up to the top of the eye sockets. The EMTs were great. They showed up in one minute’at the same time she started the gurgling noises. I had heard at the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital that she was okay, but the gurgling noise had me worried. Later I found out that she was having problems with her spleen and one of her kidneys and that her brain has swollen. The lady who hit her, Jo Anne Moreno, also needs your prayers. I know she was hysterical. She was what caught my attention that something was wrong when I was coming up China Street. She was waving her arms and crying. Trista’s brother, Joshua, was a witness to the accident and tried to help his sister. He was so worried about her and didn’t know what to do. So please put these people in your prayers.

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