Questions about city finances, procedures, project funding

Dear Editor, The citizens of Brady are looking forward to the May 31 runoff election between current councilman Matt Mills and candidate Rey Garza. It is timely to review why we need major changes at Brady City Hall. 1. Brady city budget for the past four and current fiscal years: 1999’$9.1 million spent 2000’$10.1 million spent 2001’$11.6 million spent 2002’$13 million spent 2003’$17,519,658 million up to 3-17-03 Note: That $17.5 plus million has been paid from revenue generated by taxes and utility sales from you, Brady citizens. 2. Who pays legal fees by Austin law firm, City or Mills’ I just read a four page letter from the Austin law firm hired by our current city council attempting to justify Matt Mills’ eligibility to seek another (fourth) term as councilman. The Brady charter limits a candidate’s eligibility to three terms. Has Mills forgotten that he resigned on two separate occasions during his three terms as councilman’ Who has paid the Austin lawyers for their opinion concerning this matter, the City of Brady or Matt Mills’ 3. When the city council entered the city in a contract with Bad Company Rodeo and spent over $200,000 to renovate the arena and bleachers, etc. it was alleged the city would recover some of the expenses. What has happened to this “good deal” and have we recovered any expenses, payment, etc., Mr. Mayor and council persons’ Has the city received any revenue from this venture’ The citizens deserve full disclosure of this matter. 4. Street project’current paving job. We, the citizens, are going to pay millions of dollars in principal and interest for 20 years for the current paving project the life span of which is extremely questionable, especially over a 20-year period. My streets are already in poor condition and the prospects of future improvements are not encouraging. Does the inspector who approved this project live in Brady supporting Brady with his/her taxes, utilities or does this person reside elsewhere’ 5. Violations by the City of Brady regarding city charter, state open records, open meetings laws are too many and too much. Mr. Mills, as you stated in your campaign ad, “‘all the city does is legally compliant to all laws'(04-28-03). Matt, let me refresh your memory; you personally signed checks reflecting open records overcharges by the City to the undersigned. The instructions were specifically ordered by the Texas Attorney General. The City of Brady has been officially notified by the Texas Attorney General’s Office more than once concerning open records and compliance therewith. The foregoing are but a few of the reasons we need to opt for major changes in our city government. We, as citizens, are the only ones who can effect change. Respectfully, BILL RICKS, Brady, Tex.

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