Morrises give their side of the truth

To the Editor of the Brady paper: As to what has been reported in the Brady newspaper we seem to have been a victim of Harvey Rowe who we bought a package deal from in September 2001. We were under the impression that we bought the doublewide mobile and had a 42 year lease on the land at the gun range. We had been making a lot of improvements and had tried since buying the package deal to get a copy of the lease from the city of Brady and also the Muzzle Loaders. We were told there wasn’t a copy. Andy Lawson the president of the Muzzle Loaders told us they didn’t have a copy either. After the fire we spent around $8,500 for a temporary mobile until we could settle with State Farm Insurance. I question why we were not notified of the situation. My wife and I are in our 60s and I am a disabled veteran with two purple hearts and feel this could have been handled a better way. Our health has certainly suffered by trying to clean up the mess ourselves. We were never once contacted by the City of Brady or the Muzzle Loaders at any time since we moved onto the property at the gun range. We were ready to move a mobile onto the property the next day after the Brady paper reported the story. It seems to me if this is city property we should be reimbursed the expenses we have been out. A phone call form Pasty Lohn of the Muzzle Loaders or Merle Taylor would have certainly saved a lot of heartache. I question today if the president of the Muzzle Loaders is even aware of the situation. As of this date we still haven’t received notification of 30 days we have to vacate the property. I am also attempting to get an additional 30 days because of our age and health and having to sell property we obtained that we can no longer use or afford. The city was watching our progress because they were keeping in touch with the man we had hired to clean up the burn site and move another mobile in. We have contacted the NBC news of San Angelo, the Texas Ranger and have consulted an attorney. Thank you, PHILLIP MORRIS, Brady, Tex.

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