The Mane Lion

I hope everyone had a relaxing and healthy Memorial Day weekend. I think it’s good that we use the unofficial start of summer to remember all of the military personnel who sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy life the way we do. The Brady Lions Club salutes each of you who has preserved our freedom by serving in that way. At our May 22nd meeting, Lion Dr. Lonnie Pollard brought a guest, his business associate Dr. Kate Matthews. Lion President Randy Richards announced that the winner of the Brady Lions Club Scholarship for 2003 is Blake Andrews, salutatorian of Brady High School’s graduating class. Our congratulations goes to Blake, and to all of the other 2003 graduates of Brady, Lohn and Rochelle High Schools. Brady City Councilman Lion Billy Patterson brought the program speaker for the day, Brady Mayor Clarence Friar. Mayor Friar’s main topic was the proposed return of horse racing to the G. Rollie White Complex, and what it means to our community. The gentleman who has purchased the corporate shell known as Heart of Texas Racing, Inc. is Mr. Dunnigan. (I apologize to our readers that I don’t remember his first name.) Mayor Friar related that Mr. Dunnigan owns a company that manufactures refrigeration units and sells them nationwide. He also purchased 61% of the Trinity Meadows horse racing facility at Weatherford for a reported $2.1 million. Friar said that, upon meeting with Mr. Dunnigan, he first questioned what Mr. Dunnigan wanted or expected from the City of Brady. The mayor was told that the applicant wanted only a facility lease, and nothing more. He was not asking for any tax abatements or other financial assistance. The lease that the Brady City Council approved is contingent upon the Texas Racing Commission’s reinstatement of the currently suspended license that is held by the corporation. According to our speaker, the Commission’s decision is expected some time in September of this year. In emphasizing the fact that the City of Brady would have no financial burdens related to the new lease, Mayor Friar said, ‘We’re not going to spend a nickel. I promise you that.’ After a comprehensive description of what is intended for G. Rollie White Complex, including the assurance that the Brady Lions Club will be permitted to continue operating the concession stand, Mayor Friar went on to talk about the expansion of the runways at Curtis Field airport. He said that the work there should start very soon, and that the Texas Department of Transportation has estimated that the Brady airport should see about 250 aircraft landings per year. The Brady Lions Club meeting closed with the traditional drawing of a ping-pong ball to select a free lunch winner. The lucky Lion for this coming Thursday is Lion Zac Gray.

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