Bradyite participates in AQHA Horseback Riding Program

Elaine K. Jeffreys of Brady recently enrolled in the American Quarter Horse Association Horseback Riding Program. The program recognizes and regards AQHA members for time spent with their American Quarter Horses in activities such as trail rides, shows, working cattle, pleasure driving and simply riding. A unique aspect of the program is its simplicity. Current AQHA members complete a program application and pay a one-time $25 enrollment fee. Each enrollee receives an official AQHA log sheet to record their hours driving or riding an American Quarter Horse. Participants need not own their own horse, but all official hours must be accrued with a registered American Qaurter Horse. The first award, a program recognition patch, is given after only 50 hours have been logged and verified. Patches and nine subsequent awards are presented at 100 to 5,000 hour levels and range from merchandise gift certificates from Drysdales Western Store to Montana Silversmiths trophy belt buckle at the highest level. Stephanie Stultz, AQHA manager of the membership services said, “The Horseback Riding Program is a unique opportunity to earn rewards outside of traditional competition. In some cases the program rewards people who already spend many hours riding American Quarter Horses. For others, the Horseback Riding Program is an incentive to get out and ride.” Horseback riding provides good exercise. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, more than 27 million people participate in horseback riding nationally. AQHA actively encourages horseback riding as a relaxing recreational activity that can be enjoyed alone or shared with family and friends. For more information about AQHA and its programs, visit or call (806) 376-4811.

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