Summer Memories

Dear Editor: I have heard some on TV, and also some of the younger generation wondering how we survived the heat in the “olden days”‘We didn’t know it could be like the Arctic inside a car or house, so the impact of the outdoor heat didn’t blast us in the face when we went outside. My mom usta sprinkle the wooden board floors with water, and she also hung wet towels in the doors and windows so the wind blew over them (This was our early day swamp cooler!). Beds were placed across the open windows at night, and lots of folks slept on cots out on the porch. We didn’t have electric fans, even. Shucks, we didn’t even have electricity! You fanned with a folded paper or a cardboard church-meetin’ fan supplied every summer by the local merchants. Our car windows were always down, and heads hung out like puppies. Wonder we didn’t end up with grasshoppers and bugs between our teeth after a trip to the Brady July Jubilee! My mom hated the crowded, hot, dusty grounds on Brady Creek. And I can remember people who had a whole herd of little kids dragging around in the heat, crying and wanting a “sody-pop” or begging to ride the “farris-wheel.” The Mamas usually looked like they wanted to throw all the kids in the creek and jump in after them! MILDRED (BROWN) WICKSON; (Rochelle ex) Menard, Tex.

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